Did the Newberg Center Roof Fail Again?

By Bridge Staff|October 24, 2017News|

water damage to newberg roof

Original Newberg Roof as it was being dismantled.

PCC’s Newberg Center was built using money from the 2008 bond.  It opened in 2011, and is ranked LEED Platinum for sustainable design.  Unfortunately, it has also been plagued by problems with the roof.  The original roof failed a few years after its construction, as reported by Nick Budnick in the Oregonian in 2015. A interesting part of this story was that PCC employees alerted bond authorities that the roof would fail even before it was installed, but, as The Bridge reported last year, their warnings were rebuffed.   The PCC Board of Directors spent an additional $3.5 million to repair the roof, and recently settled with the contractors, who paid $2.75 million to the college, less attorney’s fees.

Now reports are surfacing that the replacement roof is also failing.  Budnick, now working for the Portland Tribune reported earlier this week that the Garland Company, a company hired by the college to investigate all of its building roofs had reported last July that the Newberg Center roof was again failing.

Curiously, after hiring Garland to investigate the college’s roofs, PCC then refuted the findings of the company, citing a report from the contractor that built the new roof, McDonald and Wetle. Whether or not the new roof is failing, McDonald and Wetle did acknowledge that water was leaking through the new roof.  Repairs to the roof were made in September, with costs covered by the warranty provided by McDonald and Wetle.

Budnick’s full story can be read in the print and online editions of the Portland Tribune.


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