Introducing “The Bridge” Staff: Managing Editor Jake Edgar

By Tony Greiner|October 26, 2017Student Writing|

I hail in equal parts from Southern California and North Carolina, although neither ever felt like home. My interest in writing goes back to poetry, of which my first one was written at about seven years old. It was about root beer floats. So yeah, it was ahead of its time.

Since then I’ve continued to write poetry, but my focus has shifted to the essay form, short story form, and long form journalism. I spent last year as the first editor on a paper version of The Bridge since its rebirth in 2012. This year I hope to expand our territory into the online realm, and help the level and quality of journalism grow.

I am also a husband, father of four, and a sous chef at a local fine dining restaurant. I plan to apply to a highly competitive creative writing program at PSU, and pursue my dream of becoming a short story writer.

Editing has taught me more about writing and structuring stories than any class on writing ever had. It showed me that all stories are stories worth telling if told right, and even some tricks on how to help writers tell them better. I hope to one day write for The Nation.

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