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By Katie San Roman|November 6, 2017Announcements|

Comedian Matt Bellassai may have arguable had the best job ever. He combined his love for whine with his love for complaining in the infamous “Whine About It” Buzzfeed videos. He wrote, co-created, and produced videos where they averaged about 3.5 million weekly views on Facebook alone.  Bellassai is a master at complaining about topics we all think about but just don’t have the courage to say out loud.

Among his best videos are The Most Annoying People to Text With and Why Fall is the Worst. Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, the young boy who was “First Place Champion in the 2006 South Suburban Science Invitational’s Insect Identifying Contest” (yes this is a real award) to winning the first People’s Choice Award’s for Favorite Social Media Star in 2016. After making the decision to leave Buzzfeed after 39 straight months of employment, Matt has now taken his talents and channeled them into his first book “Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations”.

Four images of comedian Matt BellassaiEverything is Awful explains to us how he became the star he is today, one embarrassing possibly emotionally scarring story at a time. With a book out, a comedy tour, and a podcast “Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai,” is there anything he can’t do? You can find out if you attend his show at the Aladdin Theater on November 18.  You can purchase tickets on Matt’s website

If being able to breathe the same air as Matt is not enough to win you over into going to his show, attendees shall receive a signed copy of Matt’s book with every ticket purchased. The show will be at the Aladdin Theater on November 18th.

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