Rock Creek Artist Wins LOCAL 14 Scholarship

By Dom Belcastro|November 6, 2017News, Rock Creek|

This year, PCC art student Anshula Tayal, from the Rock Creek campus, entered the LOCAL 14 scholarship competition and was awarded top prize! She submitted a combination of prints and a handbuilt ceramic art piece. Anshula has been creating art seriously for only a few years, but her portfolio is already filled with art from many mediums.

Woman with her artiwork

Anshula Tayal

Anshula Tayal’s art submission was deemed the grand prize winner by LOCAL 14’s jury of artists. She won a $3500 scholarship that will be used by PCC to pay for the tuition and supplies for her art classes.

Tayal began her life in Mumbai, India, but now resides in Portland. Her educational journey began in Mumbai where she studied architecture at Sir JJ college of Architecture graduating in 1992. Tayal described how the competitive job market is for architects and how it caused her to spend the next seven years working at Intel in the US. Tayal then returned to Mumbai in 2000 to earn a master’s in special education from the Spastics Society of India, now known as ADAPT (Able Disabled All People Together). Tayal worked as a special educator for six years in Bangalore, India.


Tayal returned to the US and Portland in 2014. A year after moving back, she enrolled in PCC to sharpen her artistic skills. Tayal practices ceramics and printmaking at the Rock Creek campus. Her personal squarespace site features paintings, prints, sketches, jewelry, hand built ceramic pieces, as well as traditional paintings that the artist has produced over the years. Her virtual gallery features art that emphasizes nature and the positive depiction of empowered women.

Print of two Indian women with red dots on foreheadsTayal also operates an instagram page where she posts pictures of things that many users could see themselves sharing, like: the changing of the leaves in fall, a plate of delightful sugary snacks, and the artist standing next to her scholarship winning art, among many other photos.

Tayal’s award winning prints are part of a series on the empowerment of women. Tayal wanted to show the “power in a woman” that shines brightly through her Mother and Daughter print. She designed the prints in one of her printmaking classes at Rock Creek, partially as a project for her professor Michael McGovern. Tayal gushed about how “all the art professors at PCC [Rock Creek] really rock” and “all the instructors have been amazing, very knowledgeable and encouraging, in particular Donna Cole.”

Print of woman in lotus position

The ceramic piece that she submitted alongside her prints comprised of two handbuilt pillars that depict organic features. Tayal gave the piece the title “Nuptial Nature” and described it as a representation of the male and female elements who lean toward and support each other.

LOCAL 14, Lake Oswego Crafts and Art League, hosted their annual scholarship competition in the Left Bank Annex this past September,. The art show and sale featured local artists enrolled in colleges across the northwest of Oregon, as well as their organization’s members (and guest members). This year, LOCAL 14 awarded scholarships, totaling $10,000, to students from PCC, PNCA, OCAC, and Marylhurst university.

Print of WomanFifty years ago, the fourteen founding members and namesake of LOCAL 14 assembled first as friends attempting to raise money to repair a broken piano. The LOCAL 14 website describes these women as “housewives … who had put their professional lives on hold to raise families.” They held their first art show in the home of Janet Almy, the woman who came up with the idea that brought the artists together, and whose piano needed repair. The art sale was a great success; every piece on display was sold.

In LOCAL 14’s early years, they stood out as one of the few galleries in Oregon that consistently featured women artists. The art organization has hosted a show and sale every year since 1967 that featured only women artists, until 2016 when they began accepting artists of all genders in the show.

LOCAL 14 now uses a portion of the proceeds from their annual sale to fund the scholarship program that they host during the art show. The scholarship fund has a non-profit status, in honor of Carol Fortin, a former director of LOCAL 14. The group has enough funding to commit  donations for the past few years to the Oregon Food Bank, as well as other local pop up galleries in Lake Oswego.

Print of two Indian Women

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