Soup Time at PCC

By Alex Robino|November 6, 2017Announcements, Cascade|

Cold weather says “Eat Soup” and Phi Theta Kappa says, “Have some for free!

Students can come pick up either hot ready-made soup or take home the ingredients to make soup at home at the Cascade Student Union, Room 202 on “every other Wednesday” in November. (That’s Nov 15 and 29) From noon to 1 pm.

The take-home ingredients are: Squash, onions, potatoes, turkey chicken and veggie broth, garlic cloves, and bread (a whole baguette).

Vegan soup is available. On November 1, ten students were in line in the first five minutes, so it may be better to get there earlier. Every last drop of soup was served and all the ingredients were taken home by 1:00pm.

“We talked a lot this summer about food insecurity at PCC. We have a pantry, but I wanted a more direct way to affect the students and give them a way to feed themselves – whether it be at the school or at home. So, we offer hot soup for students to eat now or all the ingredients to make hot soup at your house. You can take as much as you want for your family. I was just really excited to help the students in a more direct way.”

-Mikalah Ball, Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society President

Photos and article by Alex Robino.

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