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By Bridge Staff|November 6, 2017Announcements|

I am also one of the dreaded [southern] “Californians” born in the subjectively small town of Escondido. I have lived in Portland all of my adult life, and I currently report from a rental home that I share with three housemates in Southeast Portland.

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Dom Belcastro on Mt. Rainier

I have been a student at PCC for nearly five years, and in that time I have earned an AA in General Studies. I am currently working on a second associate’s in Paralegal studies, where I split my time between PCC Cascade and the CLIMB center.

Learning about the law has pushed me to pursue journalism as I began to realize how little the average person (myself included) knows about how their governments function. If I were to pick one journalist who I aspire to emulate, Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now!) would be my only answer. Her newshour is often the first bit of media that I consume when I wake up.

One of my professors from the paralegal program, Leni Tupper, helped me become involved with the housing rights group, Community Alliance of Tenants. I now volunteer with CAT as an intern on their renter’s rights hotline.

Housing issues have been an interest of mine since high school, but when I experienced a no-cause eviction for the first, and thankfully only time, I understood the struggles of renters across the nation in a new light.

In the past few years I have been involved with a few other local grassroots organizations who fight for vulnerable workers and renters, one of note being Portland Tenants United. In addition, I contribute to the KBOO evening news radio program. I hope to write about upcoming housing and tenants issues that the people and students of Portland have to face in the near future!

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