Blast From the Past: Cascade College, 1969.

By Bridge Staff|November 26, 2017Cascade, News|

Here we have an excellent aerial of what is now Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus located on N Killingsworth Street. The school began as a small Christian College which transferred its holdings to the entity that created PCC. The campus has transformed and expanded over the years since this photograph was taken, circa 1969. In the lower left corner you can see the Jefferson High School football field, and to the right of the field, the Multnomah County Library North Portland branch. In the upper left of the image you can see Ockley Green School and the defunct streetcar barns near N Jessup. In the upper right you can see the Peninsula Park Rose Garden.

Aeriel view of buildings of Cascade College

Cascade College 1969.

Text and Photo courtesy Portland City Archives.

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