Study Abroad Student Elena Doss shares Photos

By Bridge Staff|November 26, 2017Student Writing|

Photos by Elena Doss

While traveling abroad, I continuously asked myself, “Was it worth it?” Worth the hours of flying, planning, and preparing? Yes, yes it was; because not only did the experience within the Dominican Republic challenge me to leave my comfort zone, but it built me to be a stronger student and Spanish speaker. My experience abroad re-invigorated my desire to learn about the world outside and inside the classroom.

Colorful Sunset

“Out of all the sunsets I have experienced throughout my life, this one was different. It was magical, as the vivid colors splashed along the Dominican coast. Truly a moment of awe among our group.”

small houses painted bright green and blue

“Years upon years of oppression, but the Haitian and Dominicans still find the beauty within life.” Baragana, Dominican Republic.

Man with camera looking at ruins.

“Studying abroad forces us to step outside our comfort zones, and in doing that our world becomes bigger and brighter.”

Elena Doss was part of a group that travelled to the Dominican Republic last summer, through the auspices of the Education Abroad Office. The PCC Education Abroad Office offers affordable, credit-bearing, sometimes life-changing study abroad programs for students. Students earn credits toward their degree and can use financial aid and scholarships to fund their experiences. There are three main options for PCC students to study abroad: on a PCC faculty-led program, on a Barcelona exchange program, and on a PSU program (through co-admission). The winners of our first Education Abroad Photo Contest participated in faculty-led programs during Summer 2017 in Japan, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. If you’re interested in exploring study abroad, contact,, 971-722-7117

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