PCC Student Killed in Hit and Run

By Juan Lacayo|November 27, 2017Cascade, News|

Tragedy rippled through the PCC community after the announcement of the untimely death of a twenty-five-year-old student. After an early morning 911 call, on November 8 emergency responders discovered fatally injured Madison Ries in the southbound lane of Interstate 5 near the Skidmore overpass. The 911 caller reported to police that the driver that struck Ries left the scene. Investigators believe the vehicle is a white or grey pick-up truck. Medical personnel reported that Madison died before their arrival.

Faculty members have expressed grief and condolences for the loss a beloved student who was taking a Meteorology course to complete her transfer degree. Professor Matt Glazewski recalled Madison’s enthusiasm in class,

“It was always a pleasure to see Madison’s smiling face at the front of the class, eager to learn. I very much appreciated her desire to form relationships with her fellow students.”

Peers remember her as someone who “cared deeply about others, and truly listened to them when they spoke.” Classmate, Jake Edgar, shared this fond memory with The Bridge,

“Madison and I had meteorology together. She sat up front, and asked great questions. Meteorology was to be her last class before she transferred. Madison was such a sweet girl, and she had a knack for the little details. I remember, shortly before my son’s twelfth birthday, I had mentioned a plan to play laser tag for the first time in my life, and Madison was the only person in class to ask how it went. She was so thrilled when she heard I had that experience with him, and I’ll never forget that.  Despite not knowing her well, I do know this: her kindness will not be forgotten.”

In a campus email, Cascade Campus President Karin Edwards reflected upon the death of Madison Ries, stating that the loss of such an inspiring student, after all the time, effort, and emotion invested, stands as an affront to all those who helped empower Madison on her path to success.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Officer Garrett Dow at (503) 823-5070, or to email garrett.dow@portlandoregon.gov. The Bridge will follow up with new information as it arises.

ADDED NOV 30:  A memorial service for Ms. Ries will be held Sunday Dec 10 at 1 pm at the RIverside Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Washougal, Washington.

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