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1974 July 18 – Title IX

It may be hard to imagine any PCC campus without a women’s resource center, coed p.e. classes or legal protection from gender discrimination. The passage of Title IX did not immediately create change across the nation. President Richard Nixon (who signed the bill into law in 1972) gave the oversight to the Health Education and Welfare Department, the ancestor of the Department of Health and Human Services before the Department of Education was created. The HEW created the policies that actually gave protections to women across the nation, and as this article reports, with the input of whoever would write a letter to Washington, D.C.!

1974 August 1 – floating class

PCC has always been a pioneer in innovative education programs, but a floating class is among the most unique.


1975 January 23 – Oil and stimulus

PCC Editorial Director Bill Pearse writes a poignant and topical piece on the worth of a stimulus to the people approved by President Gerald Ford.

1975 February 20 – Abortion Ho!

One moment in a storied history of the PCC Bridge and the right to choose to whether one will become a parent or not.

1975 April 24 – Alchemy photo

1975 April 24 – Pro police editorial and cartoon

Police brutality and police killings have not stopped in Portland. This excerpt shows how groups like the Black Justice Committee have organized to achieve justice for slain members of the community. The cartoon accompanying the pro-police editorial shows one illustrator’s naive views of how US police react to ‘dangerous’ situations.

1975 June 5 – Alchemy photo

1975 June 5 – Palestine perspective

As we witnessed the current US president recently choose to establish the country’s embassy in Jerusalem, a holy land for both Palestinians and Israelis, causing protest to erupt across Gaza and what remains of Palestine, this letter to the editor from a Palestinian is important to reflect on.

1980 May 22 – Voting Turkeys

While the current edition of the PCC Bridge would never accuse students of being Turkeys for not voting in the last election (we have a special election underway, if you didn’t know!), low voter turnout is a perennial issue for the function of our country’s democracy. Oregon’s recently passed motor voter law may help to remedy the problem in this state.

1981 January 15 – MLK day Oregon

Dr. King is remembered for many things. We must also remember he was not always loved by our country, but still he fought on. The last year of his life was spent in struggle for poor people everywhere. The Poor People’s Campaign began in 1968 May and ended in June. On the 50th anniversary of his historic campaign does another Poor People’s Movement rise under the leadership of many faith leaders, one of particular note being North Carolina’s Rev. Dr. William Barber.

11 Judge orders abortion ad sept 1981

1981 Sept 24 – Judge orders PCC to publish abortion ad

After a former PCC Bridge faculty advisor denies the publication of a women’s health center ad that features abortion care in 1979, a federal district court rules that the ad must be published.

12 Abortion ad and pro life

1981 October 9 – First printing of Feminist Women’s Health Center ad

In the following issue, the Portland [Feminist] Women’s Health Center’s ad for a range of feminine health procedures was first printed. The Oregon Right to Life’s anti-abortion ad had been approved by Jim Magmer, the jounalist advisor for the Bridge, for publication many months before this court case was completed.

1991 March 7 – New Vietnam

This early 90’s editorial by Reid Iford explores the attitudes around war and militarism in the US. The author predicts our current situation, although slightly underestimates the depth of our country’s addiction to conflict, arms sales, and the bombing of far off nations for oil and other profit.

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