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By Katie San Roman|February 9, 2018Music|

                   Jessie Reyez                                                  BROCKHAMPTON


Jessie Reyez‘ twisted, raw vocals and haunting lyrics are captivating. Reyez tells a menacing story of what women who want to make it in the music industry will encounter in the stand out track, “Gatekeeper“. She released a short film that offered a glimpse into the events that inspired the creation of this song. The Colombian-Canadian singer/songwriter released her first EP Kiddo in April of last year, was featured on Calvin Harris’s “Hard to Love”, and is currently on tour with PARTYNEXTDOOR in Europe. If her EP is just a peek of what is to come, Jessie Reyez is an artist that will soon sell out the Roseland Theater the next time she’s in Portland.  

Most recent work; Kiddo EP April 21, 2017
Listen to: “Gatekeeper

BROCKHAMPTON is redefining what it means to be a “boy band”. “The Internet’s first boy band” from San Marcos, Texas, is made up of 14 members: from vocalists and musicians to a creative director, an engineer, a photographer, as well as a graphic designer. They released three albums over the course of 2017, SATURATION (June 9th), SATURATION II (August 25th), and their most recent work SATURATION III (December 15th). The group has sustained a very dedicated fan base and has caught the attention of artist, Tyler, the Creator. BROCKHAMPTON’s raw and relatable lyrics touch on subjects that are taboo in the mainstream, which sets them apart from every other boy band that has entered the music industry. In an interview for MTV News, member Kevin Abstract said “we’re not a political group, we’re just a real group you know so we just speak on whatever we feel and what affects us as people”. With a feature length film in the works, the band is currently on the Love Your Parents Tour and will be making a stop in Portland on March 2 at the Crystal Ballroom. It seems that there is nothing BROCKHAMPTON can’t do and their journey and impact on the music community is far from over.

Most recent work; SATURATION III December 15, 2017
Listen to: “BOOGIE

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