PCC Hosts C.A.T. Workshop

By Dom Belcastro|February 11, 2018Announcements|

PCC Hosts CAT Workshop

Dom Belcastro

Asher Freeman, staff member at the Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT) recently held a Renter’s Workshop on the PCC Sylvania campus. They spoke with me about several topics:

Why present at PCC?

We know that landlords often take advantage of new renters, and we are invested in ensuring that all tenants have the information they need to assert their rights. Beyond tenant education, we are invested in building a movement for tenant power so that the stability of our families and communities is no longer subject to the whims of our landlords. We are excited to build with students at PCC,

What are local issues that students of PCC should keep their eye on?

A light rail has been proposed to go South from downtown Portland along I-5 or Barbur Blvd to Tigard and Bridgeport, and we’re concerned about what this could mean for the cost of housing for the surrounding community. When the Yellow Line was built through the Albina District in North Portland, the resulting development drove out thousands of tenants in what is historically the heart of Black Portland. We know that thousands of low income tenants live along the SW Corridor, and that a disproportionate number of these tenants are immigrants and refugees and People of Color. Many of these tenants are students at PCC Sylvania. We don’t want to see a repeat of the Yellow Line, and we know we’ll need to work together to ensure that the city is investing in improvements that serve all of us.

What kind of support can the student of PCC find with CAT?

Students can call our Renters’ Rights Hotline that tenants can call with questions about their rights. The Hotline number is 503-288-0130, and it is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1-5 PM as well as Tuesday from 6-8 PM.

How can interested students contribute to / be a part of CAT?

So many ways! Students can volunteer on our Renters’ Rights Hotline and facilitate Renters’ Rights Workshops. There are also plenty of opportunities to support our organizing work from phone banking to door knocking to testifying at the Capitol. We’re always looking for folks to help with data entry and photocopies. We’ve loved having PCC student interns in the past. The possibilities are (almost) endless. Anyone interested can email me at asher@oregoncat.org or call 503-460-9702 x129. Also, I’m an Exercise Science student at PCC Sylvania, so you can find me in the HT building!

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