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By Jake Edgar|February 26, 2018Opinions, Student Writing|

A Plea to Support Part-Time Teaching Staff

Jake Edgar

Imagine this: you work at a restaurant that books 3 months in advance, and if they don’t take in enough reservations to justify your employment, you simply don’t have a job, but it’s okay “come back in 3 months,” they say, “I’m sure we’ll have some work for you then.”

  This is the essential horror that part-time college teachers across the nation face every term, and PCC is among the worst offenders in the state.

 These non-tenure track employees, lack protections that full-time tenure track Professors enjoy, due to a series of loopholes. Therefore, I deem the growth of Adjunct Professorship a crisis, and as such, I propose to the students of PCC something radical: register for classes taught by Adjuncts over that of a full-time professor every time. Why? For solidarity with this group of underappreciated educators that provides an immediate financial benefit for these often maligned workers.

 It is imperative that our student body takes control of this broken system. Part-time teachers are under incredible pressure to be ready at the beck and call of PCC’s administration, but are offered little economic stability for their hard work. If a class doesn’t meet the designated registration quota, that teacher simply doesn’t work for that term. In some cases failing to fill up one class can mean the difference between dignified, and starvation wages.

 Any decline in enrollment has direct implications on the financial well being of part-time staff, which makes up the vast majority of teachers at PCC. Our school, while touting diversity and community action, has made it clear that their part-time teaching staff is a secondary consideration. If these teachers cannot fill their classes, they often cannot fill their dinner plates either. This is unacceptable.

 Thankfully, there is something You can do about it. With registration right around the corner, I dream of a big and nasty headache for the administration: we unite and stand strong as students taking a record breaking number of courses with PT teachers. This shifts the paradigm in an unprecedented way, putting the burden on the administration, instead of the teachers.

 Please feel free to email us for help finding PT teachers to register with:



According to a faculty source, there are actually obligations by the college to award classes to Full-Time Staff. In other words even if the student body enrolled in a class taught by a popular PT teacher, that teacher might not be given the class if a FT teacher’s class was under-enrolled.

That is absurd.

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