Oregon Senator Serves Local Organizers

By Dom Belcastro|March 25, 2018Announcements, News, Student Writing, Top Stories|

Democratic State Senator Rod Monroe’s legal team recently announced their intention to subpoena both the Willamette Week and Portland Tenants United for documents related to a tenant that is suing the incumbent for personal injury. Back in November 2017, the WW featured a front page story with Areli Lopez and Jose Ramirez about their fight to get compensated for an injury they claim Rod Monroe is liable for as their landlord.

Monroe argues the suit is political, while Lopez and Ramirez’s attorney, Micheal Fuller, argues that, “[t]his is a case against a bad landlord with a leaky roof.” The proposed subpoenas ask for any and all documents (electronic or not) related to both Lopez and Ramirez that the organizations may have.

While the WW has not issued an official response to the news, PTU provided their response to their Facebook page: These subpoenas are a sign that Senator Monroe is so desperate and worried about the lawsuits involving his tenants that he’s resorting to intimidation to try to silence us and the press. Areli Lopez is suing Monroe because she was seriously injured on his property due to a leaky roof, not due to an act of God. We assume that Monroe’s lawyers hope to discredit his tenants and paint the suit as political, when what this subpoena will expose is that Areli has been trying to seek justice since long before Monroe teamed up with the landlord lobby to oppose basic rights for his constituents. That Monroe is running for reelection does not change the fact that his tenant lives in constant pain. We will meet any legal obligations head on and in good faith; we are not intimidated by Monroe’s attempt to use legal process as a weapon against us”

Senator Monroe faces two primary challengers, Kayse Jama of Unite Oregon and Shemia Fagan, former Oregon representative. The Multnomah County Democrats declined to re-endorse Monroe in the past few weeks, making his reelection bid even more murky.

Oregon’s primary election will be held on May 15, 2018. Oregon’s closed primary elections require voters to register as Democrats before May in order to take part. No Republican challenger has filed for the general election at this point.

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