NRA Supports Tax Initiative to Provide Public School Students with Free Bullet-Resistant Vests

By Jake Edgar|April 24, 2018Student Writing, The Porthole|

CEO of the NRA Wayne LaPierre(something) announced last Thursday that they would be sponsoring a new tax initiative, which would seek to provide free Kevlar jackets to anyone enrolled in a public school within the continental US. The spokeswoman for the campaign, Dana something-or-another, said:

“The only way we can keep our children safe, other than having one of our trained gunman on every corner of every campus, which we could do! Is to provide them with Kevlar. It will guarantee that even if a shooter approaches students, they will be far safer with Bullet Resistant….”

She closed her statement with something about the patent, and or it being pending still.

The tax initiative itself would only affect the bottom 10% of earners in the united states. Comparatively speaking it would actually be less expensive than purchasing their own jackets, but when we asked Mary Johnson, a student and mother at Cascade Campus, she said “Why the hell would I want to wear a Kevlar jacket?” She makes a good point.

The Porthole did a brief investigation of the jackets we found that they were manufactured by Mohawk, an infamous paper and carpet conglomerate. When asked what materials they were making the new, (less expensive, sponsored by the NRA) Kevlar jackets out of, they declined to comment.

We will continue updating as this story develops.


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