5 Albums You Missed Over the Summer

By Katie San Roman|October 9, 2018Music, Top Stories|

Denzel CurryTA13OO 27 July
Denzel Curry released an album TA13OO [TABOO] over the summer that could officially retire the “underground rapper” ascribed to him. In a world where it seems like artists are putting projects out every five minutes, Curry took the time to construct this [third studio album during] his journey [of] self-discovery. The track that stands out the most, largely due to the provocative music video, is Clout Cobain  in which Curry is depicted as a Kurt Cobain, striped-shirt wearing, mime-faced performer at a circus-from-hell in which he considers a live-stream suicide. With the slightly disturbing self-mastery video, Curry has shown his versatility and his inability to be relegated into one genre and is getting the recognition he deserves.

Listen to: Clout Cobain

The InternetHive Mind 20 July
The Internet released their fourth album Hive Mind after taking the last year to release solo projects. While some may think that taking time to work on solo projects would translate to a break up, that’s not the case with The Internet. If anything, the reuniting of the band made this project only sound sweeter. Their arrangements with Matt Martians on keys, Steve Lacy on guitar, Patrick Paige II on bass, Christopher Smith on drums, and Syd’s intoxicating voice, flow effortlessly, the Hive Mind is truly a showcase for how their sound is more boldly defined, beats are attractive, and yet blend together as one.

Listen to: Stay the Night

InterpolMarauder 24 August 2018
Interpol released their sixth album Marauder. Producer Dave Fridmann, (known for his work with the Flaming Lips and MGMT), helped the band create an heavy-handed, vehement, IDGAF type of album. Along with Interpol stepping out of their comfort zone by using an outside producer, they can still tap into what makes Interpol great with a hint of new exuberance. Guitarist Daniel Kessler signature strapping jabs, Sam Fogarino’s blown-out drum stomp, with singer Paul Banks unprecedented nonsense or genius (it is debatable) lyrics that sound both philosophical and ludicrous which makes you nostalgic of 2000s punk-indie-rock days in 2018.

Listen to: If You Really Love Nothing

Blood OrangeNegro Swan 24 August 2018
Dev Hynes or better known as Blood Orange released their first full length project since Freetown Sound in 2016. The theme of the album is a celebration of fluidity, nirvana, trying to find the light and beauty in the darkness. Hynes spotlighted difficult issues without dwelling in the negativity, a feat few can accomplish, with tracks bursting with lavish 70s soul and guitar, synths and jazz providing warmth and space. Author and trans activist Janet Mock narrates in a way that is autobiographical and that unravels like silk cloud soaring through a sky of harmonies. Mock is not the only guest on this album; features also include Steve Lacy from The Internet, and heavy hitters A$AP Rocky and Diddy. If the world had more Dev Hynes, we may be able to understand it a little bit better.

Listen to: Hope


AminéONEPOINTFIVE 15 August 2018
Portland based rapper, Aminé, released OnePointFive filled with 13 tracks which is just over a year since he dropped Good For You. While Aminé explains this projects true name is EPLPMixtapeAlbum , which suggests his sophomore album is on it’s way; still the beats are still captivating and the lyrics feel even more philosophical. The intro DR.WHOEVER is basically a therapy session in which he talks about being away from home, on WHY he is able to take what could have just been another booty call song but instead discusses his need for something more, and yet there is CANTU with the strengthen of the drums and woodwinds that make it a song you’ll catch yourself just vibing to when it comes on shuffle. Regardless if Aminé drops his sophomore album this year or if we have to wait a little bit longer, Aminé is living up to his XXL Freshman Class of 2017 title  and showing that there is an emerging hip hop scene in Portland.

Listen to: WHY


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