Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). It evolved from a “Day of Unity” that was held in the 1981 with the intent to connect organizations across the nation that were working to end violence against women and their children. In 1987, the Day of Unity turned into a whole month. That same year the first national domestic violence toll-free hotline was introduced. In 1989 Congress passed Public Law 101-112 designating October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Some statistics about Domestic Violence are:

Among victims of child abuse, it is reported that

Domestic Violence is a serious problem that occurs in every culture and social group. It may not just be physical abuse, where it may be more noticable, emotional abuse and social abuse are signs of IPV as well.

More on what Domestic Violence is can be found at The Gateway Center.

If you are in immediate danger call 911.
Domestic Violence Resource Center
24 Hour Crisis Line 503-469-8620
Portland Women’s Crisis Line
The National Domestic Violence Hotline is
1-800-799-7233 or
Deaf callers on video phone

***The Bridge would like to make a correction to the previous date of the event, The Domestic Violence Survivors Impact Panel will be happening TODAY October 17th instead of the 24th which was previously stated. Location has changed to PAC Lobby. The time is correct***

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