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EDIT: This resource guide was made in 2018 and is largely outdated, especially in the light of current campus closures, and was included by accident in a recent mailer. For more current guides to resources available through PCC, visit:



Look for The Bridge to publish a current up to date resource guide we’ve compiled in the next week!

PCC offers students many resources that are funded directly by students through the Student Activity Fee. Resource Centers like the DREAM Center can offer students who use them guidance and support in the many facets of their lives. Many of the Resource Centers have varied hours of operation, so it is best to consult the center on your campus for the best time to stop in. What follows is a short list of the services offered, campus locations, and points of contact. You pay for it (and for The Bridge) so make use of them!


Women’s Resource Center: Offers a range of programs and services that vary by campus. Trained, certified Confidential Advocates are available to support students affected by relationship and/or sexual violence, harassment, or stalking. Free academic success programs that earn you college credits (taught fully in Spanish as well), a safer community space, free Safer Sex Supplies, and free Menstrual Hygiene Supplies are added perks, to name a few.
Cascade: SU 301
Coordinator: Rebecca Raymond rebecca.raymond1@pcc.edu; 971-722-5249
Rock Creek: Building 7, Room 119
Coordinator: Alicia Gonzalez alicia.gonzalez16@pcc.edu; 971-722-7432
Southeast: Mt. Tabor Hall, Room 148
Contact: sewrc@pcc.edu; 971-722-6055
Sylvania: CC 232
Coordinator: Traci Boyle-Galestiantz traci.boyle@pcc.edu or wrc@pcc.edu; 971-722-8101


Academic Advising: Call two weeks in advance to schedule your appointment. Drop-ins should arrive at least an hour before closing. Wait times can vary, so it’s advised to call ahead to guarantee that there is staff available. Drop-in times are M – Th 9am-5pm and F 9am-3:30pm. [Closures: 10/17, 10/19, 10/26, 11/30, and 12/21].
Cascade: Student Services Building, 1st Floor
Contact: 971-722-5271
Hillsboro: Building 9, Room 108
Contact: 971-722-6800
Newberg: 135 Werth Blvd
Contact: 971-722-8602
Rock Creek: Building 9, Room 108
Contact: 971-722-7297
Southeast: COMM 116 (check in at Information Services)
Contact: 971-722-6240
Sylvania: CC 209
Contact: 971-722-4531


Teaching Learning Center: Offers quality educational programs that promote best practices, facilitate innovation, present technology updates and enhance a variety of teaching and learning styles and techniques.
Cascade: CH 102
Contact: 971-722-5821 or Coordinator Lisa George lisa.george1@pcc.edu
Rock Creek: Building. 7, Rm. 117 & 116
Contact: 971-722-3108 or Coordinator Heather Mayer heather.mayer1@pcc.edu
Southeast: Mt. Tabor Hall 107-109
Coordinator: Samm Erickson samm.erickson@pcc.edu
Sylvania: CC 21
Contact: 971-722-4404 or Linda Fergusson-Kolmes linda.fergussonkolmes@pcc.edu

Veterans Resource Center
: Offers student veterans a place to mingle with fellow vets and offers free coffee, help with benefits, tutoring. Each campus has a Veterans Club which hosts social activities throughout the school year.
Cascade: SSB, Room 201
Coordinator: Walter Gahnt 971-722-5458 walter.ghant@pcc.edu
Southeast: Mt. Tabor Hall, Room 120
Coordinator: Joe Mah 971-722-6401 joe.mah@pcc.edu
Sylvania: CC 220
Coordinator: Aaron Pina 971-722-8793 aaron.pina@pcc.edu
Rock Creek: Building 2, Room 108a
Coordinator: Nicholas Hadley 971-722-7743 nicholas.hadley15@pcc.edu

Multi-Cultural Center:
Provides free printing, tutoring, scholarship information, a quiet place to study and do homework, and offer leadership opportunities like the Men of Color program and the Social Justice Student Leadership Program. All host various events throughout the year.
Cascade: SU, Room 302
Coordinator: Clifford Meeks 971-722-5791 clifford.meeks@pcc.edu
Southeast: Mt. Tabor Hall, Room 150
Coordinator: Briana Stansbury 971-722-6054 briana.stansbuy@pcc.edu
Sylvania: CC 231
*New this year is a PS4 for students to play with
Point of contact: Monica Lee Monoe 971-722-4116 monica.noe@pcc.edu
Rock Creek: Building 7, Room 118
Coordinator: Nate Abelaye 971-722-7435 nate.abelaye@pcc.edu

: Provides advocacy, education, leadership development, programming, and retention services for students with marginalized genders and sexualities. It creates an inclusive and intersectional campus climate. The QRC works to promote gender justice, sexual liberation, and equity for all people. The Center provides condoms, dental dams and tons of pamphlets regarding outside programs and services that are queer affirming and wonderful resources. Across the district, the QRC is a great place to go relax and find comfort.
Cascade: SU 212
Coordinator: V Martin; virginia.martin1@pcc.edu
V Martin, is available to meet outside of those hours.
Contact: qrccascade@gmail.com; 971-722-5702.
Rock Creek: Building 5, Room 121
The QRC is closed during summer term, finals week and breaks between terms.
Coordinator: Becky Springer; 971-722-7345; rebecca.springer@pcc.edu
Southeast: MTH 149
Coordinator: J Gibbons; j.gibbons@pcc.edu
Sylvania: CC 228
We are open Monday-Thursday all instruction days Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms.
Contact: syqrc@pcc.edu

: The District Student Council represents the student voice at the district level. Their mission is to unify the Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC) at each of our four comprehensive campuses – Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast, and Sylvania – to collaborate on district-wide initiatives that address cultural and institutional barriers that would prevent any student from achieving their educational goals.
Contact: 705 N. Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217
Email: mohamad.abdulkarim@pcc.edu
Phone: 971-722-5738
Fax: 971-722-5885

Jobs and Internships:
In partnership with the Career Services Office, Jobs and Internships provides assistance with entering in a bountiful amount of programs and opportunities. Students can take career assessments, do labor market research, receive guidance on their chosen career paths, find internships and jobs, build their resumes, and develop their interview skills. The program’s purpose is to support students along their career path. Each campus has a unique pallet of internships and job opportunities, contact your local campus Jobs and Internships program to find out more!
Cascade: SSB 104
Specialists:  DeAnne Hardy 971-722-5613 dhardy@pcc.edu
Tanya Maldonado 971-722-5290 tmaldona@pcc.edu
Becky Washington 971-722-5242 rwashing@pcc.edu
Rock Creek: Building 9, Room 119
Specialists: Cassie Shearholdt 971-722-7452 cassandra.shearholdt@pcc.edu
Molly Triplett 971-722-7325 molly.triplett@pcc.edu
Tamara J Williams 971-722-7243 twilliam@pcc.edu
Bill D. Manley 971-722-7838 bmanley@pcc.edu
Haydee Goldenburg 971-722-7335 haydee.goldenberg@pcc.edu
Southeast: Tabor 147
10am- 5pm Mon-Fri
Specialists: Valorie Alder 971-722-6033 vadler@pcc.edu
Sylvania: CC 213
Specialists: Ava Stevens 971-722-4558 ava.stevens@pcc.edu
Diane Jantze 971-722-4559 djantze@pcc.edu
George Knox 971-722-4475 gknox@pcc.edu
Nicole Perez 971-722-4661 nicole.perez15@pcc.edu

Transportation and Parking Services:
Offers free shuttle service between campuses during the school year, bicycle route planning assistance, and parking information. Student Term parking permits can be purchased for $50 for All Day permits, or $40 for Evening Only permits. Students making less than $2,023/ month may be eligible for Transit passes for just $28/month!
More information can be found at www.pcc.edu/transportation/
Sylvania: CSB 329
Phone: 971-722-8181
Fax: 971-722-4762
Email: parking@pcc.edu

Offers books, digital media, electronic equipment at no additional cost. PCC students in good standing have access to academic databases. Study rooms are available for groups, and some are complete with a “family room kit”. Digital resources can be accessed online via www.pcc.edu/library Students can also request assistance from one of the many friendly and knowledgeable librarians through the Research Help Desk, via Text at (971) 259-8398, via email, and more.
Cascade: LB building
Help Desk: 971-722-5322
Rock Creek: Building 9
Help Desk: 971-722-7413
Southeast: LIBR building
Help Desk: 971-722-6187
Sylvania: LIB building
Help Desk: 971-722-4935

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