Want Free Food? Let’s Talk About the Panther Pantry!

By Joe Culhane|October 10, 2018Announcements, Centers, Top Stories|

Class is about to start or your needing to finish some homework but alas, it’s hard to focus on school when your brain and being need food. The good news is, there’s a Panther Pantry at all four major campuses of PCC!

Through your Student Activity Fees, these Panther Pantries have become a great resource for all of us who could benefit from some free food from time to time. Over the last few years there has been a great effort to make the Panther Pantry a more accessible and visible resource on our campuses and this has paid off. Now, Monday through Thursday (and sometimes on Friday’s) up to 3 days worth of food per week is available at any PCC campus. This is perishable and non-perishable food to bring home and occasionally even some grab-n-go items that are just the boost you need before a class. Food insecurity can be a challenging thing to face. It has been revealed that over half of college students across the nation are experiencing some degree of food insecurity.

This past year, the 
ASPCC Cascade Campus Panther Pantry served 1,009 households, 422 families and 584 individuals. In total, 1,917 people were served. ASPCC received 32,740 pounds of food from the Oregon Food Bank.  




“Student taking advantage of the free food at the Cascade Campus Panther Pantry”
Joe Culhane for The Bridge

This systemic issue of inequity that our nation faces is not being solved by the Panther Pantries, nevertheless, these important services provides us with the nourishment we need to face the many challenges of going to college. It’s important to remember that the Student Activity Fees (SAF) make resources like this available to you.
Another noteworthy program recently approved through the District Student Council, is the Emergency Grant. $80,000 each year is set aside from the SAF to provide students with a $500 per term, up to $1,500 grant that can help make ends meet when unforeseen and difficult situations arise. This is a grant, so it doesn’t have to be repaid. There are also emergency bus passes, childcare grants, $15 per term bike rentals and so much more that are all coming from your Student Activity Fees.


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