To Mac Miller: Goodbye From a Fan

By Katie San Roman|October 23, 2018Opinions, Top Stories|

It has been over a month since we lost Mac Miller, and I still can’t fully listen to his music without feeling the sting of sadness. For me, some friends introduced me to Mac Miller in high school and I immediately made like 5 burned CD’s for my car because that was still a thing. I remember the day of November 8, 2011 when Blue Slide Park was released when I went up to LA to see him kick off the Blue Slide Park tour at the The House of Blues on Sunset Blvd.


Mac Miller at The House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA on November  8, 2011.
Katie San Roman for The Bridge.


If you had ever seen Mac perform, you knew you would get a head banging, jumping up and down, lose your voice the next day, kind of performance. I have seen Mac on three tours, The Blue Slide Park Tour, Space Migration, and The Divine Feminine Tour, but what sticks out the most to me is a moment during the very first time I saw him. He was half way through his set and he was trying to slow down the vibe, he sat on a park bench that was on the stage with his electric guitar and played a cover of Wonderwall and Gangsta’s Paradise. For a performer like Mac, then a 19-year-old kid, to have the whole house jumping up and down like a house party and to be to able to draw in a fairly young audience with covers of Oasis and Coolio, really gave us a glimpse into his artistic potential, as well as what influenced his later projects like Watching Movies with the Sound Off and Macadelic.

Mac Miller at The House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA on November  8, 2011.
Katie San Roman for The Bridge.

Whether you were a fan of Mac’s since the mixtape days of High Life and K.I.D.S., or maybe it was later on with Divine Feminine or Swimming, you still felt that sorrow when you heard the news he would no longer be on this planet. DJBOOTH writer,Yoh Phillips summed up it best, “ I can’t imagine waking up and feeling like Nirvana fans on 4/5/1994, [but] after September 7, 2018, I can now do more than just imagine. ” Us 90’s babies did not grow up through Aretha Franklin’s, Prince’s, or Michael Jackson’s journeys. We did, however, live through Mac’s. I think that’s why the pain, grief, and sadness feel so real; while we were watching his struggles unfold, we were going through our struggles, too. Mac will never truly be gone as his music and the impact he made on us will still live on. We miss you Mac. Thumbs up, rest easy.

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