We Stand with Survivors

By Bridge Staff|October 23, 2018News, Student Writing, Top Stories|

On September 27th, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the time when, now Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh (*barf*), sexual assaulted her when they were teenagers. I don’t know if you watched or listened to the hearing, but Dr. Ford was a very fervent and attentive speaker, she spoke with precision not just as a psychology professor, but as someone who had been forced to relive those memories again and again and again. Just because this was set in a Supreme Court hearing, its reception did not go the way most of us who have survived similar dehumanization wanted it to go. Time and time again, survivors have had to bare their souls only to be insulted, threatened, ridiculed, and disbelieved. Except this time it was on a national scale, and the sitting president of the United States felt the need to join in on the ridiculing and now there is someone who has been accused of sexual assault with a lifetime position in the country’s highest court.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford being sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Hearing on September 27th 2018.

Ford did not stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed, but what she did will never be forgotten. Now, when someone has the courage to speak out about harassment or assault, there are others who are here to support and believe them. We will not forget what happened on September 27th, and with November 6th right around the corner, you better believe that if you voted him in, we will vote you out.

Watching the hearing and, in the midst of having a panic attack, writing about this made me relive something that I had blocked out for five years. The reason why I felt the need to write this was not because I am truthfully ready to share my story, but because on September 27th, a women felt that it was her “civic duty” to tell the truth. In solidarity with her and all survivors, ready to come forward or not, I stand with you and Me Too.

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