I.D. Affirmation in Oregon and Beyond

By Rory Elliott|November 6, 2018Announcements, News, Queer Resources, Top Stories, Transfolk|

Did you know that in Oregon trans and non-binary folks are able to change the gender marker on their state IDs or State-Issued driver’s licenses by filling out a form and paying for the cost of the ID itself?

Call Outside In (503) 445-0970, choose the clinic option and then press 7 to speak to Kirby Parks of Transgender Services and The ID Project. Kirby will give you all of the information you need to know in order to affirm your gender or your name on your Oregon ID or License, sign the document needed, and send it to your address all for free!

For folks born in Oregon, there is a one time gender and name change option available to affirm your birth certificate. The process allows you to avoid the longer and more uncomfortable process of the court order process.

This process only costs a total of $60.

$35 to file, and $25 for the Vital Records office to provide a certified copy of all birth certificates.

This approach does not necessitate a note from a doctor, gender affirmation is based solely on the applicant’s assurance. An affirmation certificate will have to be signed in a notary’s presence and must  receive their signature and seal.

Basicrights.org’s ID and Gender Marker Documents page lists a large amount of information on Oregon ID change applications.

The National Center for Transgender Equality is an amazing resource for all the information you would need being a transgender or non-binary person looking to affirm your name or gender marker through both federal and state documentation. They have a list of information for each state and territory in the United States.


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