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By Katie San Roman|November 20, 2018News, Top Stories|

Women’s soccer ended their season as the third ranked team in the South Region. Many students come to PCC to play soccer at a higher level, sharpen their soccer skills, and gain recognition by playing for the championship-level Panthers. With the combination of soccer and academics, PCC can be a valuable asset to student-athletes that wish to continue playing soccer at four-year institutions, ensuring success in both the classroom and the field. The Bridge interviewed The Panthers Women’s Soccer Head Coach, Kelly Raddar.

With the season coming to an end, what were some of the highlights of this year?

KR: It’s hard to pinpoint one single or a handful of aspects of this season to use as highlights as there have [been] so many “firsts” this year. Being a competitive team this year has allowed for a lot of highlights as we are actually winning games, and when we do lose a game, we are actually competitive enough in that game that it could have gone either way.   


What was different about this season compared to last year?

KR: Well, I am a new coach here this year, with a totally new coaching staff. We bring a totally different mentality in our coaching style with much different expectations. We are also instilling a system of play and training program to help build a culture within the program that can help our players accomplish their crafts year round with an emphasis to excel in the classroom as well as on the field.

What are your hopes for the soccer team in 2019?

KR: 2019 and beyond looks very promising for this program. This current squad have put in a tremendous amount of work to lay a solid foundation for the next players that come in. That, coupled with a well-established training program in place will bode well for any recruit or potential player that has the discipline to hold themselves and their teammates accountable to compete at the highest levels, especially if they have aspirations to continue on playing at a four-year school.

      Soccer tryouts for 2019 will start with recruits’ weekends, and ID Tryouts are on January 25 & 26, February 15 & 16, & March 15 & 16. Walk-on and open tryout are April 20 and May 18 at 4:30pm.

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