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By Rory Elliott|November 20, 2018News, Top Stories|

If you have never heard of Yes Yes books, you are missing out on something magical.

Portland’s very own Yes Yes books is a powerhouse of experimental art, fiction and poetry that is breaking the barriers in and outside of the world of writing.

Yes Yes Books publishes the voices of world renowned artists, artists who intentionally are mainly Queer and/or POC. Yes Yes has published the work of such people as:

Danez Smith, who won the Lambda Award For Gay Poetry in 2015 for [insert] boy,

Mahogany L Browne, founder of Women Writers of Color Reading Room and nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work for Poetry,

Pamet Prize winner Aziza Barnes,

as well as two incredible poets;

Nabila Lovelace and Elizabeth Acevedo, who performed at PCC Cascade on November 7th.

Yes Yes Books is continually subverting the dominant roles of art, literature, and poetry, giving a powerful platform to Queer and POC, politically minded writers. Christopher Rose, an English teacher at PCC’s Cascade Campus, has brought poets to the campus multiple times for audiences filled with students and non students alike.

On November 7th, the entire Moriarty Auditorium was packed completely full of people gasping and applauding the performances of Nabila Lovelace, and Elizabeth Acevedo. The final reading by Elizabeth Acevedo had the entire audience on their feet cheering.

Yes Yes Books regularly donates books and funds to organizations providing help to at risk populations. Such Groups include:

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Center for Women Writers, Salem College

College of San Mateo

The Covenant House, Oakland

Henrico Cultural Arts Center

Housing Works Bookstore

Indianapolis Public Library

Just Buffalo Writing Center

LA Youth Network

Literature for All of Us

Girls Write Now

P:ear Portland

Poetry Project

Truro Public Library

Youth Cares Seattle

Young Chicago Authors

Yes Yes Books is on the front lines of the contemporary world of art, and social activism.

Check Yes Yes Books out on their website, and maybe order a chapbook on vinyl?

You can find their website at

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