A Spectacular Production: PCC’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

By Katie San Roman|November 21, 2018News, Theater, Top Stories|

We’ve all read or seen some version of Shakespeare’s plays, so what can a company do to keep an audience engaged? Sylvania’s Theatre Department seems to have the answer. First off, the set was made entirely by students: the background was made of tree branches that the PCC landscape team trimmed during the fall cleanup and there were sheets of delicate, white cloth to make the audience believe that this could all just be a dream. Second, everyone deserves recognition for their costumes alone, specifically the fairies’ costumes were so elaborate: Moth’s (Kory Abreu) wings towered over the audience, Mustardseed’s (Grace Proschold) light up mustard seeds hung down like lanterns, Cobweb (Jaymes Trpkovski) with an elaborate cobweb hair and dress, and Peasblossom (David Laidler) with a giant mushroom hat.

The stand out performances of the show were the four lovers Hermia (Emily Veenstra), Lysander (Christopher Chavez), Helena (Mercy McVicker) and Demetrius (Cameron Gunter). Not only did Veenstra and Chavez have undeniable chemistry, but the comedic chemistry of McVicker and Gunter made the whole audience roar with laughter. McVicker’s portrayal of Helen:, the delivery of her dialogue, feet stomping, fists clenched, wailing and trudging; her performances commanded the attention of the audience and had them roaring with laughter. I hope to see her in other shows in the terms to come. The scene that the audience couldn’t help but applaud for was when Hermia leaped to get Helena and then Demetrius and Lysander caught her mid jump; the audience broke out into applause and laughter. Another standout performance was Bottom / Pyramus (Tea Johnson) who I wouldn’t be surprised to see headlining a few shows in the future. My hope is anyone who is reading this already knows all this because you were able to witness the hard work of these students. If you did not, I hope you decide to make an effort and support the Theatre Department in the terms to come. Bravo to the cast and crew of this performance, I am truly excited to see what is to come this school year.

Demetrius played by Cameron Gunter
Helena played by Mercy McVicker
Lysander played by Christopher Chavez


Theseus / Mustardseed   Grace Proschold

Hippolyta     Nova Raycraft

Egeus / Moth Kory Abreu

Hermia Emily Veenstra

Lysander Christopher Chavez
Helena  Mercy McVicker
Demetrius  Cameron Gunter

Peter Quince John Kaden Horvath

Nick Bottom / Pyramus  Tea Johnson

Tom Snout / Wall Meredith Butler
Francis Flute / Thisbe  Colin White

Snug / The Lion Vinisa Brown-Cirigo

Robin Starveling Jasmyn Nekola

Puck  Buffy Sikora

Cobweb Jaymes Trpkovski

Peasblossom David Laidler

Titania Amanda Cobb

Oberon Nicholas Chilcote
Sign Interpreters (11/17) Rich Hall, Kassie Hughes
Sign Interpreters Interns Carli Jones, Jessy Davis


Student Design Team

Scenic Design Eve Bradford

Video Design Jessica Hart

Graphic/Poster Design Alison Foshe

Costume Shop   Karla Dubois


Student Crew

Asst. Director/ Stage Manager    Keanan Stone

Assistant Stage Manager Grace Kemling

Run Crew Chief Miller Savetz

MC, Scenic Intern    Victoria Hilton

Sound Board Op/Sound Design Intern    Katelynn Thornburg

Video Board Operator/Sound     Morgan Bailey

Props/Run Crew    Alex Martin

Dresser    Calli Nanney

Wardrobe    Alma Romero

House Manager    Daymon Lively

Box Office Rennie Mcvicker

Crew    Scott Lindstrom, Steph Landtiser


Theatre Arts Program Staff

Run Crew Coordinator/Sound Design    Suer Bean Portinga

Scene Shop Foreman     Mike Pfaff

Costume Shop Coordinator     Michelle Keeker-Kiyoi

PAC Scheduling     Jillian Gibson

Costume Design     Sarah Gahagan

Mask Design      Diane Trapp

Lighting Design/Scenic Mentor      Dan Hays

Director        Patrick Tangredi

Administrative Assistants     Shelley Stearns, Selena Niles

Scene Shop Assistants – The students of TA 141, TA 111, TA 250

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