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By Raymond Quinton|January 25, 2019News, Top Stories|

Journalism is not dead, as some would like you to believe…Colleges and universities have a duty to teach journalism and nurture future journalism advocates. This could mean the difference between a free society or an oppressive corporatocracy with no checks and balances. Facebook, Twitter and Google CEOs will never care much about what happens at PCC, but the student staff and editors here always will. I have traveled extensive and found that newspapers are still in high demand and are still the standard bearers of “quality” journalism. Writers and editors of The Bridge should be applauded every day for investing the time of their lives in advocating for students, faculty and staff at PCC.



Drop-in hours cut at the Cascade campus gym…There’s a buzz around the Cascade campus that hours were cut for drop-ins because of grunting. What kind of grunting? Weight lifters…intense work-outers…weights dropping during Zumba class…things of that nature. Somebody complained to gym managers about the noise and voila, drop-ins were cut. I know. Who cares? I do. It’s typical that our ire is only raised if a problem affects us directly. Well, this change affects me directly because I can no longer workout during my 6:00 p.m. break. And I know one student was upset enough to post an open letter about this arbitrary change on the bathroom doors around the Cascade campus. If it was enough of an issue for this person, it’s worth looking into. So, if this is enough of an issue to you, let me know. Sometimes people make bad decisions thinking they’re making good ones. Once enough people weigh in, they see the light. We’ll see where things land in our next issue. We didn’t have enough time to investigate this before the press date, but I’m issuing a challenge herewith. Cascade faculty, staff and students is it okay that drop-in hours have been cut to around 24 hours a week out of over 200 hours? Is this a good value for your student fees. Should all users be punished for the bad behavior of a few. Email your comments to me and we’ll pass them along and follow up in a future issue.

Hurry, hurry, get your scholarships TODAY!…If you’re not on campus every day, it’s easy to miss things. Every department promotes their stuff differently. This week, the scholarship flyers went up. There’s nothing like free money to better yourself and your life. So, don’t delay, apply today. My favorite scholarship is the “Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship. 1

You could receive up to $10,000 for designing a greeting card.


Most involve writing essays. If you need help with essays, call me. Writing is the most critical skill we can have. We’ll follow up in a future issue to get some stats about applicants and awards. . Email peers.rc@pcc.edu or call 971-722-7644 to get info about scholarships and deadlines. You deserve a scholarship today, and applying is not hard at all.

Up, up and away!…Tuition’s are rising…again…my only question is: how much is too much? When a credit hour is $10,000 per? When a credit hour is $50,000 per? I don’t know. What I do know is that every increase causes pain amongst our students and eliminates opportunities. From what I see around campus, students just want to know their pain is being acknowledged. Do we have any billionaire alumni that can help? We’ll see if we can get a handle on how this works and report on it regularly.


Build it…create it….FAB LAB…I’m a wannabe inventor, so my commitment for February is to schedule an appointment with the FAB LAB at the Pragon Arts Center. They have laser cutters, 3-D printers, and vinyl cutters and offer equipment tutorials to PCC students and faculty.  Check in with francesca.frattoroli@pcc.edu. Your idea may be the next big thing! We’ll schedule some time to visit with Francesca for a future issue.


Department heads…send us your events and announcements TODAY!…you’ll be getting regular emails from me soon, but until I get that organized, send me your flyers and announcements so we can assign writers or publish your events. I think many are finding out how weird the web is and, to a certain extent, how unreliable it is to depend on “friends” to support a cool class or event. Work with us and we’ll figure out best marketing and promotions practices together.


Buy jewelry that supports STEM education and social equity in science education….at the local PCC bookstore. I didn’t quite get it at first. But I grabbed a flyer and hunkered down with it. Eureka. This jewelry is designed by Maile Urbancic down there in Eugene. This is a woman-owned business. Money talks. I spent 4 years putting on jewelry fundraiser fairs at hospitals around the region. What I know is that people were not shy about making purchases knowing 25 percent of all sales went to their volunteer programs or to build, for example, the new hospital in Eugene. So, next time you need a gift, charge over to the bookstore and show some love and support for fabulous jewelry AND women in STEM fields. For more information, check out www.boutiqueacademia.com. Or, you can email Maile directly at maile@boutiqueacademia.com


$300 for tuition per quarter in 1977…Students reading this today should be in shock. That’s what it cost to attend college at a major university in Kansas (in-state). What happened? Anyway, I’m all for any ways that can help students stay in school. So, I saw all those fancy flyers for the PCC “Save a Seat” campaign. Nicely designed flyer. Bottom line is: While we are all stretched financially, those of us who got our degrees and certifications 20 to 30 years ago got a good deal. Students today are facing massive hurdles affording school. So, yes, if you can spare between $15 and $85 a month, do it. You’ll never miss it. These amounts pay for emergency grants, scholarships, books, car repairs and more. You don’t have to be Phil Knight and give one hundred million to your school. $15 bucks a month is fine. Go to www.pcc.edu/fsr to find out more.


Raymond Quinton has spent more than 25 years as an independent newspaper and magazine publisher and corporate marketing executive. He is currently PCC Bridge Student Newspaper Program Coordinator. He is also a best-selling author and manages his independent book publishing company. He has authored more than 6 popular books, including the popular children’s book about Oaks Park, The Best Ride Ever! He is the designated author/reader for the Portland Park and Rec. summer lunch program. Quinton is currently working on multiple new book manuscripts and plans to tour during summers promoting “Creativity as Culture.”



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