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By Raymond Quinton|February 19, 2019Announcements, News, Top Stories|

New Bridge Managing Editor…We are making another shift for the better at The Bridge. I’m happy to welcome our new Managing Editor, Miriam Vonnahme. She will officially be taking over the helm of the newspaper with this issue. Miriam brings a wealth of publishing, writing, and editing experience to The Bridge; experience she began cultivating at a very young age in Denver, Colorado. Miriam is passionate about media, the art and craft of writing, and the public service and advocacy she can provide in this new position.


Black History Month Events…Accurate Black history in America and around the world is an ever-evolving puzzle. The challenge is the same wherever you go. For hundreds of years societies attempted to dehumanize dark skinned peoples; to portray them as less than human. It will take a few hundred more years to dispel the destructive marketing that was so effectively executed over centuries worldwide.


While in Cologne, Germany this past summer, I made it a point to let the owners of a cafe know that the racist imagery on their Lucaffee-sponsored trays was offensive. Black Americans and Africans died liberating Italy, and there is no room for this kind of imagery, especially this day and age. Lucaffee should not rely on hateful imagery to sell their coffee. The day we stop valuing brands over people is the day we will stop setting aside only one month to honor black history. This will be the day people realize that humiliating black people is bad, all gender identities are equal, the name “Washington Redskins” is wrong, and all people everywhere are equal. Is that day today?

Blackkklansman…My good friend Kevin Willmott wrote the screenplay for Blackkklansman. He is a professor at Kansas University. He wore a bulletproof vest to class while teaching to protest a new law in Kansas which allowed students to “conceal-carry” firearms on campus. See Blackkklansman at PCC; and don’t forget that fascism pervasive and systemic. It’s important to stay active and engaged as black and brown people are still targeted by police and neglected by the public school system; and as legislation is being introduced in some states to ban LGBTQ adoptions. Jewish people, black people, ethnic minority sympathisers, and LGBTQ people all died in concentration camps in Nazi Germany; and over 70 years later, the threat of their violent ideologies still looms large. We must band together to protect the rights of all marginalized people now. TODAY!

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