Panther Basketball Game Recap February 20th

By Katie San Roman|March 6, 2019News, Sports, Top Stories|

On Wednesday February 20th, your PCC Panthers played against the Mt. Hood Community College Saints in probably the most exhilarating basketball game I’ve seen in awhile. The women’s team started off the night, Latasha Villeda (10), scored the most points of the game with 11 points and an impressive hustle. Nautica McMurry (21) gave everything she had on the court with a spectacular defense and scoring 10 points. The final score of the game was PCC 49 vs. Saints 98; I have seen the women’s team play enough to notice that they were not in sync this game. It was apparent during the plays that there was not a lot of communicating going on between the Panthers, resulting in their ultimate loss to the Saints. The women’s Saints aren’t a better team than the Panthers, however, they were cheering louder, and communicating more effectively on the court. I have seen the Panthers protect the house with grit and spunk and compete with better teams. If there is any take away from Wednesday’s game,  it’s that you need to work as a team if you want to win as a team.

The last game of the night was the men’s team, accompanied by an unveiling of the long awaited region champions banner before the game.

If you have ever seen the men’s team play, you know they move like a well oiled machine. Even when they warm up, it almost looks like a synchronised dance. Mike Landi (22) scored the first point of the game. As the game progressed, both teams played a great defense and were going to do everything from letting the other team score. Every Panther that stepped on the court appeared to leave behind all of their inhibitions. Whether it was Nathanael Boyer’s (5) drive to not leave the key without scoring, or Brendan Ritschard (11) who always delivered, but with back to back three pointers, it’s hard to pick even one standout performance. By halftime the score was PCC 37 vs. Saints 42; but the second half is when it got to what I call “shouting uncontrollably/hitting your notepad on your leg/covering your eyes with the notepad” level of  intensity.

At this point in the game, you could taste the hunger for the win in the gym, with each team rapidly scoring points consecutively. With 8 minutes and 30 seconds remaining, the game took place as follows:

8:30 Benyle Jordan (23) made a three pointer; 70 vs. 69
7:55 Saints with making the free throw shots 70 vs 71
7:27 Keyshawn Waters (30) slam dunk 72 vs. 71  
6:43 Nathanael Boyer with an underhand layup 74 vs 73
6:37-20 Saints score back to back 74 vs. 77
6:13 Brendan Ritschard scores 76 vs. 77
6:09 Brendan Ritschard making a free throw tying the game 77 vs 77
5:40 Keyshawn Waters scoring 79 vs 77
5:20 Saints scoring 79 vs 79
4:45 Saint making a free throw 79 vs 80
4:38 Keyshawn Waters scoring his last shot of the game 81 vs 80
4:00 Saints score plus making 1 free throw 81 vs 83
3:50 Nathanael Boyer with an phenomenal block
3:46 Saints making a free throw 81 vs 84
2:57 Time out
2:30 Saints making free throws 81 vs 86
1:40 Brendan Ritschard making the last shot for the Panthers

The final score of the night was 83 to 86. The game may not have been a win, but you cannot deny the talent and heart that these players possess. The whole game was like a match to the death, PCC as a whole and the men’s team should feel proud of that game. The NWAC playoffs begin in Everett, WA. The men’s games are March 8-9th and the women’s games are March 10-11th. We wish both Panther teams luck as they head into the playoffs.

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