Youth V. Gov, Kiran Oommen and the Climate Trial of the Century

By Joe Culhane|March 6, 2019News, Top Stories|


Last week, at the Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference,  a plenary panel that involved members of “Our Children’s Trust” took place to discuss the “Climate Trial of the Century.” The panel was titled: “Juliana v. United States: Using Constitutional Rights to Force Climate Recovery.” Among the panelists was Kiran Oommen who is one of the 21 plaintiffs in the case and is currently a student at Seattle University. Just following the panel, Oommen and I sat down for an interview which can be heard in its entirety on the PCC, Sustain Me! Podcast, found through The Bridge online right here, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or Spotify.

Kiran Oommen & Ai Piper ~ Plaintiffs in the Julian V. US Climate Trial ~ Photo by: Joe Culhane

Kiran Oommen & Aji Piper ~ Plaintiffs in the Julian V. US Climate Trial ~ Photo by: Joe Culhane

In spite of numerous delays and efforts to stop this case in its tracks, my conversation with Kiran made clear that great legal work and impressive dedication has allowed this trial to yield positive results even before it has officially entered the court. The latest development in the case is an injunction filing that will be held June 3-7  here in Portland.


If upheld, the injunction will effectively put a moratorium on new fossil fuel permits and deny access to federal lands for fossil fuel extraction until the greater trial is held and concluded.


Kiran also reminded us to be on lookout for events and rallies that will accompany the trial. This means, come June 3rd, things are aiming to get pretty exciting in Portland.

I had a delightful talk with Kiran Oommen, where aside from learning more about Youth v. Gov and “Our Children’s Trust,” Oommen shared stories of his travels around the world, his experience playing in punk bands in the Seattle area, and what he has learned about the work other youth activists and environmental justice advocates are doing across the globe. To hear our conversation, check out episode #21 of PCC, Sustain Me!


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