Panther’s P.A. Announcer: Paul Marshall, on PCC Athletics & Sports Journalism

By Katie San Roman|April 24, 2019News, Sports, Top Stories|

Paul Marshall has been the public address announcer for PCC Athletics for the past four years.
He has played basketball, football, track and soccer but knew he wanted to get involved in sports journalism. He got his undergrad from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and got his masters in journalism from the University of Oregon. He was looking specifically for a direct experience with sports broadcasting and after grad school, he joined the PCC Panthers as the P.A. announcer. Along with being with PCC for the past four years, he is also been a weeknight host, announcer, and producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

How did you get into sports radio announcing?

When I got to grad school, my experience up to this point was primarily as a sports writer from my time in college. In addition to my class work at UO, I started to get involved in the campus radio station, KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM. Fortunately, they already had an established sports department. It was student run and volunteer based. I immersed myself in whatever I could do: hosting & producing the daily radio show, covering games as a reporter and calling games.

After graduation, I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up but I was convinced of what I wanted to be doing. I really enjoyed the sports broadcasting side of everything and decided that I wanted to continue with it.

What is special about PCC?

PCC has reach and impact that extends far into the region. The resources available to the PCC family are essential. The PCC environment is still a place where students can find their voice and develop their talents. For me, the Cascade campus is a central part of where the energy converages for athletics. It’s a symbiotic relationship between PCC athletics and the PCC campus. When you talk about important places amongst the state and within the state: PCC goes on the list.

What is your hope for the future of PCC athletics?

That the program continues to grow. It would be cool if PCC can offer more sports in the future. I know those things take time, resources and an extended commitment.

It is also important to have continued support from the campus family. It really makes a difference for all the PCC events. Ultimately, PCC Athletics are still a part of the campus culture and are a contributing factor to the overall success of PCC.

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