The Bridge is Going Online and We Want Your Feedback

By Bridge Staff|April 1, 2020Uncategorized|

We sent out this letter campus wide this week, announcing our plans in going forward with the new temporarily online only format of The Bridge in light of the Covid-19 situation and campus closures. We’ve attached a survey where you can share what is happening to you right now in light of our current times, to ensure we’re able to best share all the perspectives of our PCC community—and filling it out will give you an opportunity to potentially win a $50 Grubhub gift card!

Find the Survey here

PCC Community,

Your team at The Bridge wants to let you know that we are still active, and trying to best cover the issues on our campus amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many abrupt changes in such a short amount of time and they are impacting our community immensely. Due to campus closures we have moved our publication primarily online and we hope to to engage with you through this platform. We want to encourage you to reach out to us to share your story about how you’re currently being impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many academic plans have been altered, students and staff are losing their jobs, and many may be struggling without resources they rely on from PCC. In the coming days more than ever, we will need your stories and perspectives about how the current events are affecting your life, and the ways we will go on to function in spite of them. We are now limited in our ability to find the stories happening on PCC campuses, and instead must find ways to partner with our readers to make sure their stories are shared. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for pitches, news tips and anything you believe is worth sharing.

The Bridge started with a new three person editorial team and a new group of student reporters in January after six months of dormancy, and transitioning our fresh newsroom into a whole new process and format will be a unique challenge for us all, similar to those you may be facing yourselves. By creating a community based around informing each other of the important events in our world as they happen, The Bridge has an opportunity to be an even stronger force for good at PCC in our transition online. We hope for your support in our new form and that we can bring even more news to you than ever before.


The Bridge Editorial Team
Kanani Cortez, Managing Editor
Ryan Lawrance McGreer, Digital Media Editor
Lucien Smith, Art Director


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