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Poetry of World War I Lecture and Reading

By Tony Greiner|May 19, 2016

As part of Cascade Campuses “Common Hour” experiment, all are invited to a lecture and reading of poetry from the First World War.  Tony Greiner, a librarian at the campus, will give an overview of English-language poetry from the war,

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White House Ponies Up $100 Million for Free Community College

By Tony Greiner|April 29, 2016

Ashley Smith of “Inside Higher Education” has reported that the White House has set aside $100 Million in grants to advance free  community college programs.  You can read the story at White House Push on Free Community College.

Apply now for ASPCC Jobs! Deadline is May 1.

By Tony Greiner|April 22, 2016

The Associated Students of Portland Community College is the official name for PCCs student government.  It is seeking students to work in Leadership for the 2016-2017 year. These Student Leadership jobs can help you learn leadership skills, make a difference, have

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Revision of Pre-College Courses Challenges Colleges

By Tony Greiner|April 12, 2016

Community College Daily posted a story on April 11, “Colleges Adjust to Readiness Challenge” by Ellie Ashford.  It points out the changes occurring in community colleges across the country because of the push to reduce the number of per-college (also

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“The Bridge” is Recruiting Editors for 2016-2017.

By Tony Greiner|April 7, 2016

PCC’s student newspaper, The Bridge is recruiting editors for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This is a great opportunity to have interesting work, meet fun people, report on stories that won’t appear elsewhere, and contribute to the life of Portland Community

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Rock Creek editor Resigns

By Tony Greiner|March 27, 2016

I am sorry to say that Abby Mann, the Rock Creek editor for “The Bridge” had to resign over spring break, for personal reasons.  Abby has been a valuable member of the staff of The Bridge, contributing well-written stories and

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PCC’s Accreditation Warning Lifted

By Tony Greiner|March 18, 2016

In an email to the College Community Feb 19, Interim President Sylvia Kelley announced that a “Warning” that had been placed on Portland Community College by its accrediting body had been lifted.  PCC is accredited by NWCCU, the Northwest Commission on

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Trailblazer C.J. McCollum on “Why Journalism Matters”

By Tony Greiner|March 14, 2016

Portland Trailblazer’s guard C.J. McCollum is a regular contributor to a website called “The Player’s Tribune.”  The Player’s Tribune was created by former New York Yankee Derek Jeter, and it features work written by professional athletes. McCollum, who studied journalism

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Vikings at Rock Creek!

By Tony Greiner|March 8, 2016

Okay, “Hagar the Horrible” might be a mediocre comic strip, but really, who doesn’t think Vikings are cool? (At least from the perspective of 1,000 years, and an ocean and a continent away?) Did Viking warriors really wear horns on

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PCC Revises “Active Shooter” Training

By Tony Greiner|February 26, 2016

In the past, there have been several times when PCC practiced an “active shooter” drill, in which staff and students were trained to go into a room with a door that could be locked, turn off the lights, and be

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Holocaust Survivor/Refugee at Sylvania March 1

By Tony Greiner|February 24, 2016

Holocaust Speaker  Evelyn Banko Tuesday, March 1,  1-3PM   Performing Arts Center Lobby, Sylvania Evelyn Banko was born in Vienna, Austria in 1936. When she was two years old, the Nazis seized Austria. Now under Nazi control, Austria became a dangerous place

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Our Policy on Comments

By Tony Greiner|February 16, 2016

The Bridge welcomes comments, criticism, clarification and ideas generated from our stories. We also believe that disagreement can be expressed without name-calling and incivility.  Comments may be anonymous or use a pseudonym, but must be accompanied by a valid email

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Maryland College President Attacks Student Newspaper

By Tony Greiner|February 14, 2016

UPDATE: March 4.  Simon Newman has resigned as President of Mount St. Mary’s college, following the uproar over his actions, as reported below. Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed has reported that President Simon Newman of Mt. St. Mary’s College

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PCC Board Meets Feb 18 at the CLIMB Center

By Tony Greiner|February 13, 2016

The February meeting of the PCC Board of Directors will be held at 8:30 am on Thursday Feb 18, at the Climb Center, 1626 SE Water, Portland. Agenda Items include approving $243,705 for the designing the remodeling of the SY

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“The Bridge” and Whiteness History Month

By Tony Greiner|January 27, 2016

The student editors of The Bridge (and myself) had a long discussion on Sunday about how to cover PCC’s “Whiteness History Month.” And like good journalists should be, our reporting is striving to be as impartial as possible. There is

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