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Former Sylvania Campus Editor (2013-2014)

PCC, a safe and secure learning experience

By Jesse Maes|July 15, 2014

PCC has seen its share of crime in its fifty-odd years of higher education and opportunity. There’s nothing like a community college where you can learn and kick-start your future, and it’s even better on safe campuses where you don’t

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The Adventures of SePermite

By Jesse Maes|May 30, 2014

  The Adventures of SePermite by Will Mahoney-Watson Guillermo drove the Range Rover away from central Mazatlan. He had turned up the air conditioning but was still sweating heavily. When he arrived at the gates of the sprawling ranch, his

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SY: Open debrief meeting on pro-life protest

By Jesse Maes|May 29, 2014

Debrief Session – Free Speech (Expressive Conduct) Incident Sylvania campus administration would like to invite interested members of the campus community to a drop-in debrief session in response to the events of May 13, on which a controversial demonstration took

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What's going on with the Sylvania construction?

By Jesse Maes|May 21, 2014

With all of the major construction projects and renovations, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s actually happening. Interested in what Sylvania Campus will look like in a couple of years? Take a look a the PCC Bond’s SY Fact Sheet,

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Sylvania's Interim President: New IP after Ryslinge

By Jesse Maes|May 21, 2014

Sylvania Campus’ interim president position has been slated for a new cycle, beginning in July and lasting till June of next year.  The campus’ administrative department has chosen Dr. Suzanne Johnson for the IP position and continues the search for a

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Explicit Graphics in Pro-Life Protest at SY Stir up Controversy

By Jesse Maes|May 16, 2014

The imagery shown at an anti-abortion protest at Sylvania Campus on May the 13th has triggered a stream of controversy and hot debate about explicit graphics and free speech in public universities. Individuals identifying with “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust”

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Civil Rights Activist and Freedom Rider to Speak at SY

By Jesse Maes|May 4, 2014

During the spring of 1961, student activists- both Black and White- from the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) launched the Freedom Rides to challenge segregation on interstate buses and bus terminals. Traveling across the South in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama,

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Online schedule for classes available May 2nd

By Jesse Maes|April 25, 2014

PCC’s online schedule for summer term is available on May the 2nd, at 5 PM. Courses taken in spring do not count to your total in your respective Group.   Group 1: students with more than 80.01 credits earned at PCC

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Sylvania: "The Real Inspector Hound" thriller-comedy theatre

By Jesse Maes|April 21, 2014

PCC theatre students unveil Tom Stoppard’s 1968 play in new light at Sylvania Performing Arts Center (PAC) next month. Theatre students as crew and actors will bring the 46 year-old play to the SY PAC, with student actors Aidan Nolan and Todd Thomas

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Aviation Students: Flight Simulators & ATDs free!

By Jesse Maes|April 17, 2014

That’s right, fellow pilots! PCC offers Microsoft Flight, a PC-based simulator, for free at Rock Creek and you can access Troutdale Airport’s simulators as a PCC student. The aviation training devices (ATDs) are completely free for PCC students and are

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