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Storytelling is the province of which I am a denizen. Within this realm, in a busy part of town where many pass by and few enter, audiences can find me spinning yarns, weaving tapestries, and stitching together the fabrics of everyday reality. Sometimes those cloths are used for shelter and security, other times they are meant to dazzle and delight those who don them, still other times they are meant for their practical uses in life. However, they are always crafted to specification. Cut to form. Stitched to fit. Carefully considered for the form the fabrics will hug so that each form will glide effortlessly and gracefully, as one. The important thing for those who peruse my collections to remember is that many cuts will fit and complement your form, while others will seem tailored for another figure. You may feel uncomfortable, out of place, yet incongruously drawn to the form that could fill that space. It might be thoughtful consideration of the threads binding together the whole; or how the piece traces the curves a form, leaving room for only a breath of excitement; or possibly the revelation of unconsidered possibilities that coax you into my shop. Whatever your inspiration, know that through these doors lie awesome possibilities that, once beheld, cannot be unseen and should not be forgotten.

Feminist Amish Reject Patriarchy, Satire From Juan Lacayo

By Juan Lacayo|March 11, 2018

Feminist Amish Reject Patriarchy   An uncommon sight occurred in the hamlet of Treadwell, PA last month, when a group of three young Amish women were spotted window shopping on the boardwalk of the newly gentrified Lovall District. Passersby noticed

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Student Signatures Collected for Anti-immigrant Ballot Initiative

By Juan Lacayo|February 26, 2018

Student Signatures Collected for Anti-immigrant Ballot Initiative Juan Lacayo Petitioners from an organization identified as “Ballot Access” on a PCC Space Use Application and User Agreement form collected student and faculty signatures at PCC Sylvania on January 23. They allegedly

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PCC Holds DACA Panel, Commits to Sanctuary Status

By Juan Lacayo|February 11, 2018

PCC Holds DACA Panel, Commits to Sanctuary Status Juan Lacayo A Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) panel discussion in room 122 of Terrell Hall on Cascade campus offered resource information for DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, including information on

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Bridging the Gap

By Juan Lacayo|January 25, 2018

    Bridging the Gap Juan Lacayo Why do we need a student-led newspaper like The Bridge at PCC? This is a specific question that has roots in a more fundamental question: why do we need journalism? The Fourth Estate,

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The Bridge to Nowhere

By Juan Lacayo|January 25, 2018

The Bridge to Nowhere Juan Lacayo The Bridge was set to solicit articles from students and staff, which the campus editors would edit for accuracy and grammar before posting them to the website. Complications arose with the immediate resignation of

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A Recent History of The Bridge

By Juan Lacayo|January 25, 2018

A Recent History of The Bridge Juan Lacayo PCC’s student newspaper, The Bridge, has a dramatic history that runs the gamut of critical acclaim, controversy, defunding, shutdown, and a subsequent revival: Following budget cuts that occurred in 2005, The Bridge

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PCC Student Killed in Hit and Run

By Juan Lacayo|November 27, 2017

Tragedy rippled through the PCC community after the announcement of the untimely death of a twenty-five-year-old student. After an early morning 911 call, on November 8 emergency responders discovered fatally injured Madison Ries in the southbound lane of Interstate 5

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PCC Misleads the Public About the Mercury Spill

By Juan Lacayo|November 6, 2017

The Bridge recently reported on an incident that occurred last year at Sylvania’s HT building that PCC representatives described as a “small spill” of a fluid that contained mercury. Former Facilities Management Services (FMS) Maintenance Project Manager Steven Borcherding calls

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Mercury Spill at Sylvania’s HT Building

By Juan Lacayo|October 21, 2017

An isolated room in the Health Technology (HT) building at PCC Sylvania hosted a Mercury spill on May 25, 2016. Staff in the Child Development Center (CDC), which is located in several rooms on the second floor of the Health

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From Under the Bridge: Doxing, Society’s Chemotherapy

By Juan Lacayo|October 9, 2017

Opinions are something everyone has, and more people are making them known publicly because of social media platforms where people can rant about frustrations ranging from work problems to political issues. In today’s polarized political environment, your opinion can have

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PCC Summer Crimes

By Juan Lacayo|September 28, 2017

On August 5, PCC Public Safety was contacted by the owner of a building vandalized near the Cascade campus. Security cameras reportedly captured two people climbing onto the Mandi House Restaurant and vandalizing the Baker Building on 5511 N Albina

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Summer Incidents Raise Questions about Security Alerts

By Juan Lacayo|September 25, 2017

Public Safety (campus security) encountered five criminal incidents on or near PCC campuses this summer. According to the Public Safety website, three incidents occurred on the Cascade campus in August, the details of which are available to the public. Other

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