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The Blame Game

By Leah Bell-Johnson|May 1, 2017

In six short years, PCC’s Newberg Center went from being a success story to the center of an epic and expensive debacle. In 2010, PCC began plans for the $7.2 million Newberg Center. A year later the building was opened,

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STEM Week at Cascade Campus

By Leah Bell-Johnson|March 2, 2017

Recently Cascade campus played host to a series of workshops, documentary screenings, and presentations that made up STEM Week. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, makes up a significant portion of the degrees earned at PCC. Due

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Student Activity Fee Slated for 95 Cent Increase

By Leah Bell-Johnson|February 14, 2017

By: Leah Bell-Johnson The term “SAF” has been surfacing more frequently around PCC over the last couple months. And while it may not be a term every PCC student is familiar with, it certainly has an effect on all of

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PCC at the Women’s March on Portland

By Leah Bell-Johnson|January 31, 2017

On Saturday January 21st, the streets of downtown Portland were a sea of pink hats and bright, catchy posters as thousands participated in the Women’s March on Portland. The March quickly became one of the biggest ever in the city’s

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“Adopt a Family” Program Wraps Holiday in Goodwill

By Leah Bell-Johnson|January 2, 2017

Despite all the cheery advertisements and glitter-infested decorations, the holidays aren’t always joy and merriment for all. Financial struggles, family conflicts, and general life pressures can quickly turn the festive season into a stress-ridden, tinsel-topped nightmare. Luckily the friendly folks

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