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By River Flora|March 23, 2018

Trans-Scribed – [2] Okay babes, let’s talk physical transition. One aspect specifically, though: Surgery; the cleaving dream in sight of fruition. Trans and nonbinary folk sometimes find themselves stacked with a dual burden – not only are we subject to

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Trans-Scribed, Supposed Safety in Expected Experience

By River Flora|February 26, 2018

Trans-Scribed Supposed Safety in Expected Experience River Flora Portland is so often touted as a wet-dream, queer paradise, safe-space. The idyllic land of bounty and sex changes. A home for all those disenfranchised transfolx to live off their odd jobs

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The Pointed Circle Experience

By River Flora|February 11, 2018

The Pointed Circle Experience River Flora One of the foremost aspects writers look for in their environment is the opportunity to grow their words and meanings in a place that won’t choke out their creativity in the process of labor.

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River Flora – Reporter

By River Flora|January 25, 2018

Queer Writings from NE Portland: I think I started writing so young because it took me longer than most to acquire the skills for coherent verbal communication. Partially aspergers and partially a result of the environment I grew up in,

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PCC Bond: Do we need a $3 Million Public Safety Building?

By River Flora|October 20, 2017

Coming up on November’s ballot is a measure for renewing a bond received by PCC in 2008. If passed, $185 million of taxpayer funds would be allocated for one-time facilities purchases at properties owned by PCC. Since the bond is

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No More Stalling: All User Restroom Opens at Southeast

By River Flora|October 9, 2017

An all-user restroom opened this summer at PCC’s Southeast campus.  PCC has now joined at least eight other Oregon schools in having installed an all-user, multi-stall restroom; this includes local schools like Portland State University, Lane Community College, and Grant

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