PCC’s Multicultural Center

By Kanani Cortez|March 6, 2019

The PCC Sylvania multicultural center (MC) serves as a resource center for PCC’s students of color. Each of PCC’s campus has a multicultural center with a mission   “to support the recruitment, retention, and holistic (academic, leadership, professional) success of

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Dare to DREAM

By Delia Torres-Enciso|October 10, 2018

Like the aforementioned artists, your success as a student should not be hindered by your country of origin. If you need help as an undocumented or DACAmented student, PCC’s DREAM center can provide guidance, legal help and a safe place

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Academic Advising

By Katie San Roman|October 10, 2018

PCC advisors’ mission is to support students’ intellectual growth and promote student success while empowering students to attain and find their academic and professional goals. They can help with transfer programs, degree requirements, financial aid appeals, and GRAD plans. Appointments

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Breaking New Ground: Cascade Urban Learning Garden

By Joe Culhane|October 10, 2018

It’s been ten years coming but it finally happened: the Cascade Urban Learning Garden has broken ground. On Thursday, September 18th, upwards of 30+ volunteers were out doing the righteous dirty work of clearing sod. Among them were students, staff,

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PCC’s Student Resource Guide -OUTDATED-

By Bridge Staff|October 9, 2018

EDIT: This resource guide was made in 2018 and is largely outdated, especially in the light of current campus closures, and was included by accident in a recent mailer. For more current guides to resources available through PCC, visit: https://www.pcc.edu/student-life/

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Library: Reading is Sexy

By Juan Lacayo|October 9, 2018

The library is no longer only for pocket protector-wearing poindexters pursuing periodicals from days past. Books are officially cool (again) and the librarians at PCC are here to help you find your A-game in Information Literacy. Students seeking more effective

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[southeast] Talk Show With Campus Administrators [Monday]

By Charles Claringbold|February 19, 2016

Hi Southeast! This Monday, the 22nd of February ASPCC will be hosting a Talk Show with our campus administrators. Jessica Howard, Miriam ​​Friedman, and Craig Kolins will be talking about the goals of our campus and answering questions that the students have. Lunch

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Long-Time PCC Employee Fired for Offensive Math Quiz

By Bridge Staff|November 8, 2015

The Oregonian/Oregon Live reported on Saturday that Portland Community College had fired employee Scott Sayles for giving a math quiz that had word problems that involved drive-by shootings and a pimp’s potential earnings from prostitution. The quiz was evidently based

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PCC Willow Creek Hosting Epigenetics Lecture Series

By Bridge Staff|September 28, 2015

It’s time for the October 2015 OHSU Science Cafe Lecture Series at PCC Willow Creek. This Fall’s topic is Epigenetics. If you’re curious about what the science of Epigentics is, see this video of Dr. Kent Thornburg’s TEDX Portland discussion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReCvreRPdeY).

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Student Journalism Contest Accepting Entries

By Samantha Saxby|March 9, 2015

Portland Community College [All Campuses] — The Pacific Northwest Association of Journalism Educators is announcing its first annual student journalism contest, open to community college publications – print and/or on-line – in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. This is a

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