PCC Instructor Honors Working Women with Guided Discussion on Caregiving

By Bridge Staff|March 21, 2020

by Lex Rule In honor of International Women’s Day, Southeast’s Women’s Resource Center hosted Women’s and Gender Studies professor Jimena Alvarado’s guided talk: “Women’s Work: Babies, Caretaking, and Migration”. The center’s coordinator, Jess Amo, said “International Women’s Day historically came

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30 Years of African Films at PCC

By Bridge Staff|March 4, 2020

by Lesley McLam This February, PCC is hosting its 30th Annual Cascade Festival African Films where, in celebration of Black History month, the college annually “honors the art and craft of filmmaking,” from the African continent. To celebrate 30 years,

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month at PCC

By Bridge Staff|February 17, 2020

by Lesley McLam, January 31st 2020 In 2010 the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began a concerted effort to combat human trafficking called the Blue Campaign. The Blue Campaign “partners with state, local, and tribal governments, federal agencies, and

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