Mike Rasmussen- Welding Instructor and a “Human of PCC”

By John Ostgarden|April 23, 2016

Our “Humans of PCC” series continues with a five-minute video profile of welding instructor Mike Rasmussen.  This video was created for Erik Fauske’s Multi-Media class. Missy Miedema did the camera work, Adam Michaels directed, sound recording was by “Olaf” and

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Humans of PCC: Tristan Newberry

By Bridge Staff|March 27, 2016

“I am originally from Olympia, WA, where as a young child I stayed with my dad on a goat farm in an unplumbed, un-electrified shed. I ended up at PCC when I was 16, because I couldn’t stand high school

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Humans of PCC: Video Profile of Kelli Pennington

By Bridge Staff|February 10, 2016

This 5 minute video was created for Erik Fauske’s  Video Production III class.  The Director and Editor was Nick Gattman, the cameraman for the interview was Jeff Coila, with Gabe Twigg as Gaffer and April Jones doing the audio.  Jared

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Humans of PCC: Michael Hornsby

By Sebastian Kirchoff|January 18, 2016

On the afternoon of January 17th, I visited a fellow classmate of mine named Michael. We had previously taken a writing course, and got placed in the same class again this term. We had discussed film making and writing, and

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No Shelter

By Sergio olmos|October 20, 2014

  In Portland roughly 1,895 people sleep unsheltered every night. Sergio Olmos and photographer Armin Radford try it for a night. Overhead the sun is setting and the Willamette is moving along silently. “We do this for real” says Tennessee,

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