The Bridge is Going Online and We Want Your Feedback

By Bridge Staff|April 1, 2020

We sent out this letter campus wide this week, announcing our plans in going forward with the new temporarily online only format of The Bridge in light of the Covid-19 situation and campus closures. We’ve attached a survey where you

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A Creative Perspective on PCC’s new Restructuring

By Bridge Staff|March 21, 2020

by S.C. Taulbee Portland Community College President Mark Mitsui values the artist’s perspective. Similar to his approach in projects during his time in the Obama administration, Mitsui has called for the inclusion of artists-in-residence in the school’s ongoing reorganization. Faculty

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Legal Aid Clinics on Campus, Filling Gaps in Student Access

By Bridge Staff|March 6, 2020

by S.C. Taulbee The Portland Community College (PCC) Paralegal department has multiple upcoming events designed to serve the community by reducing barriers to equitable access to legal services. The events are free and open to the public, but some preparation

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Interpreting Free Speech At PCC

By Bridge Staff|March 4, 2020

By Daniel Bloomfield Portland Community College(PCC) states in its expressive conduct policy that it “fully supports open expression and freedom of speech by students and the public” and only diverts from its policy in specific cases. In January 2020, a

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Extinction Rebellion Zenith Victory Garden Blockade

By Joe Culhane|May 1, 2019

On Monday, April 22nd, people around the world were celebrating Earth Day by picking up trash, tending gardens, planting trees, and more. Meanwhile, in Portland, 11 individuals connected with The Extinction Rebellion, were getting arrested on Zenith Energy’s “Oil by

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Carpe Mundi Spotlight

By Rory Elliott|February 6, 2019

The founders of Carpe Mundi believe every student can benefit from the experience of traveling and studying in other countries—regardless of their socioeconomic status. But access to those programs and relating those experiences to their everyday lives once returning proved

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PCC’s New Branding Scheme at Odds With Student-Made Sign

By Juan Lacayo|December 6, 2018

An announcement and input request were quietly lodged with PCC faculty on the evening of December 2 regarding a new sign to be installed at PCC Rock Creek. An announcement entitled “INPUT NEEDED” was disseminated by Rock Creek Dean of

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A Day of Reparations Stops in Portland

By Rory Elliott|November 21, 2018

On November 13th, Portland, Oregon was visited by representatives from the Uhuru Movement including: the African People’s Socialist Party, APSP, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, USM, and the African People’s Solidarity Committee, APSC. (Uhuru, the Swahili word for “freedom” became the

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Humans of PCC – Artist Spotlight: Belle Miranda

By Juan Lacayo|May 22, 2018

Belle Miranda aka BelleM has been busy honing her craft and expanding her skills in the PCC Multimedia program. She became seriously interested in art about 6 years ago, despite nurturing a passion for art since she could remember, when

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Bridging the Gap

By Juan Lacayo|January 25, 2018

    Bridging the Gap Juan Lacayo Why do we need a student-led newspaper like The Bridge at PCC? This is a specific question that has roots in a more fundamental question: why do we need journalism? The Fourth Estate,

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The Bridge to Nowhere

By Juan Lacayo|January 25, 2018

The Bridge to Nowhere Juan Lacayo The Bridge was set to solicit articles from students and staff, which the campus editors would edit for accuracy and grammar before posting them to the website. Complications arose with the immediate resignation of

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River Flora – Reporter

By River Flora|January 25, 2018

Queer Writings from NE Portland: I think I started writing so young because it took me longer than most to acquire the skills for coherent verbal communication. Partially aspergers and partially a result of the environment I grew up in,

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