Students Organize for Gun Control

By Dom Belcastro|March 25, 2018

Portland saw students of all ages as well as supportive parents, teachers, and other concerned individuals gather for the “March for Our Lives,” on Saturday morning, March 24.

Rock Creek Turns 40!

By Carla Macedo Diaz|April 17, 2017

In honor of Rock Creek’s 40th birthday, the Art Collection Advisory Committee will be selecting 40 pieces from staff, non-faculty and former students to exhibit their work in the Helzer Art Gallery from May 8th to the 15th. Current students

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A note of appreciation

By c cutsforth|April 13, 2017

Students and Staff, Before the morning cars lumber into the parking lots, before the students stream into the classrooms, during the earliest morning hours on campus, a collection of remarkable people do their work before everyone else does theirs. We

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Feces in the Air

By Joe Riedl|April 5, 2017

If you’re anything like me (a small-bladdered germaphobe, whose inclination to avoid the common-cold probably comes off as haughty snobbery) then you’re not a fan of public restrooms. Here are a few of my bathroom turn-offs: door handles, pee-filled urinals,

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SE Library Break-In

By Aubry Gabbard|August 9, 2015

Early morning August 6th, a man broke into the Southeast Campus library and stole three desktop computers. Public Safety and the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) are investigating the incident. The suspect drove their car onto a sidewalk at approximately 2:52 am

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Computers Stolen from SE Campus Library

By Bridge Staff|August 6, 2015

Early this morning, August 6 at about 2:52 am, a man broke into the Southeast Campus Library, and stole three desktop computers.  PCC Public Safety says the man drove his car onto a sidewalk in front of the north entrance

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Cascade Library to be Remodeled next Fall

By Bridge Staff|March 12, 2015

by Tony Greiner, Librarian The new Student Union and Cafeteria at Cascade opened this year, leaving the library and a few classrooms as the sole occupants of the old Student Center building. But that won’t be for long. As part

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Free Coffee in Libraries This Week.

By Bridge Staff|March 9, 2015

For the umpteenth year, the PCC libraries are hosting “Coffee Buzz” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Library Director Donna Reed recognizes that the last week of the term is when final projects are due, and who couldn’t use

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Cascade Garage now open to Permit Holders

By Bridge Staff|December 8, 2014

As you know, the operation of our new underground parking garage is an experiment in progress. Right now, as part of PCC’s overall Transportation Demand Management plan, the entire garage is being operated on a pay-as-you-go basis in order to

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Just when you thought it was safe to dry your hands…

By Bridge Staff|November 26, 2014

A topic of on-going concern and interest among the PCC community is the possibility of people getting an infection from the hot-air hand-dryers that were installed a few years ago in the PCC restrooms.  Previous stories in The Bridge in

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What's going on with the Sylvania construction?

By Jesse Maes|May 21, 2014

With all of the major construction projects and renovations, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s actually happening. Interested in what Sylvania Campus will look like in a couple of years? Take a look a the PCC Bond’s SY Fact Sheet,

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Aviation Students: Flight Simulators & ATDs free!

By Jesse Maes|April 17, 2014

That’s right, fellow pilots! PCC offers Microsoft Flight, a PC-based simulator, for free at Rock Creek and you can access Troutdale Airport’s simulators as a PCC student. The aviation training devices (ATDs) are completely free for PCC students and are

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Swan Island, the new PCC Center

By Jesse Maes|April 13, 2014

The PCC Bond has committed $3.6 million for the first phase of development Swan Island Center, to be completed in June of this year. The new Center will boast the upcoming expansions of the PCC CTE Project, a program in

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PCC Restrooms: Have they really changed?

By Jesse Maes|April 11, 2014

It’s been a little under a year now since The Bridge last covered the hot debate about blow-dryers in the PCC public restrooms. The controversy continues, but it seems that the PCC restroom policy has remained the same. Hand dryers

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