Sylvania renovations: not so good?

By Jesse Maes|April 6, 2014

The Sylvania Campus’ remodeling and construction has received positive feedback for creating a more “open-spaced” environment; surprisingly, a large percentage of voters who participated in the month-long poll here at The Bridge thought the exact opposite: the Sylvania overhaul should

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Tw Telecom: Not the culprit?

By Jesse Maes|March 14, 2014

After recently contacting tw telecom, it was found that the telecommunications corporation is not responsible for the warning notice on Sylvania’s cafeteria building. The sign was first seen in early 2013, and has remained since. Tw telecom was contacted by

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The Bridge investigates tw telecom's warning notice

By Jesse Maes|March 13, 2014

For over a year now there has been a notice on the west side of Sylvania’s cafeteria building. It’s survived the new construction projects and made it through clean. What is this notice all about? Why does it warn of

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Open House for the Newly Renovated Building 7

By Chelsea Standley|February 28, 2014

In PCC November 2008, the voters passed a $63 million bond to build new facilities at Portland Community College.  Rock Creek received a portion of the funds to build new classrooms and program facilities to help ease the space demand

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The "Fecal Bacteria in the Hand Dryers" study.

By Bridge Staff|May 22, 2013

With permission of the lead author, Kathleen Richardson, Ph.D., The Bridge is publishing the entire study written by Richardson and Sara Citrenbaum on the presence of fecal bacteria (enteric bacteria)in the hand dryers in PCCs bathrooms, and the possibility that

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The Lighter Side of the Bacteria Story

By Bridge Staff|March 11, 2013

(Sung to Jan & Dean’s “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” ) I’m Dryin’ My Hands with a Jet Powered Blower*   Dryin’ my hands with a jet powered blower (Blow dryer blow dryer blow dryer blow) Watching the paint dry

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PCC Bathrooms… where are the paper towels?

By Justin Price|February 10, 2013

Portland Community College is doing a disservice to its students by not providing paper towels in campus restrooms. That wonderful time of year has descended upon us once again… flu season! The best way to prevent the spread of influenza

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