Student Signatures Collected for Anti-immigrant Ballot Initiative

By Juan Lacayo|February 26, 2018

Student Signatures Collected for Anti-immigrant Ballot Initiative Juan Lacayo Petitioners from an organization identified as “Ballot Access” on a PCC Space Use Application and User Agreement form collected student and faculty signatures at PCC Sylvania on January 23. They allegedly

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Why the U.S. should pass the DREAM Act.

By Tony Greiner|August 10, 2014

Editor’s Note: “Inside Higher Education” a newsite devoted to reporting on college stuff in the United States recently ran an opinion piece by Alexandra Logue and Samuel Shrank on how undocumented students do a City University of New York, and

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Examining the Secure Communities Program

By Jessica Funaro|April 16, 2014

The controversy surrounding the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) detainment of PCC student leader Victor Albarran has instigated a broader analysis of the Secure Communities program here at The Bridge. Established in 2008 under the Bush Administration’s anti-terrorism

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Join Your PCC Community in Support of Victor Albarran!

By Jessica Funaro|March 31, 2014

Victor Albarran, the PCC  MEChA Chapter Outreach Coordinator is facing deportation. He is currently in the custody of  US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Tacoma, WA. On Sunday morning we started a campaign with the support of ASPCC Alumni,

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