Tuition Increase: Interview with Administration

By Rory Elliott|February 19, 2019

  Community College Students of Oregon are likely facing a massive statewide raise in tuition. According to PCC’s administration, students can expect a minimum of 6% rise in costs per credit. As of now, a credit per term costs around

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Tuition is Increasing & Everyone Should Be Worried

By Katie San Roman|January 23, 2019

In early December, President Mark Mitsui sent out an email notifying how Governor Kate Brown’s proposed (or lack of depending how you look at it) budget plan and how this would affect all seventeen community colleges in Oregon, as community

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Dual-Enrollment Advice for PCC Students

By Mountain.Barber|May 15, 2017

Most students attending PCC for a four-year degree prefer to transfer entirely away to their new school, but sometimes circumstances call for students to dual-enroll at PCC and another school, like myself. It’s definitely more difficult than attending a single

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African Americans making Educational Gains

By Bridge Staff|August 14, 2015

The American Association of Community Colleges and the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor has released the latest statistics on the education levels and employment of African Americans. Looking at those African Americans who are over 25

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Louisiana Keeps Free Tuition Program.

By Bridge Staff|June 25, 2015

Community College Daily reported that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal vetoed a bill  that would have trimmed away some of the benefits of the state’s free college tuition program.  The program will cost the state $265 million dollars next year, but

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Education and Student Debt

By Dakotah James|June 5, 2015

Students in 2015 don’t want to have to pay for their tuition. If a child does not need to pay for their grade schooling, neither should a college student have to pay for college. As a nation we recognize the

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President Obama's "Free Community College" plan.

By Michael McPherson|May 12, 2015

In January 2015, President Barack Obama gave hope to many American students who want to attend college, but are facing financial obstacles that prevent them from following their dreams. According to his statements, community college should be free for everyone

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Want to be Middle Class? Graduate College

By Bridge Staff|April 2, 2015

The American Association of Community Colleges has released a graphic showing the education level of middle-income earners, comparing 1970 to 2010. In 1970, 74% of middle-income earners had a high school education or less.  By 2010 that had fallen to

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Free Community College for Illinois Students

By Bridge Staff|April 1, 2015

Community College Today reported that Harper College, a 2-year school in suburban Chicago recently announced a program to provide 2-years of free tuition to incoming students who graduated from High School on time, maintained a C average, and perform community

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Arizona cuts ALL funding for its largest Community Colleges

By Bridge Staff|March 13, 2015

“Inside Higher Education”, an online newspaper of Higher Education, reported Thursday that the state legislature and governor Doug Ducey have cut all state funding for the Maricopa and Pima Community College districts.  These are big districts, bigger than PCC. (Maricopa

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Oregon Community Colleges Graduation Rate near the Bottom

By Bridge Staff|February 27, 2015

Tony Greiner, Faculty Advisor, The Bridge. Oregon’s Community Colleges lag behind the national average in the percentage of students who go on to get either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Nationally, 39% of Community College students who have the goal

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Free College Tuition: In Chile

By Bridge Staff|October 28, 2014

Inside Higher Education, an online newspaper about the college business and the business of college recently posted a story about how the nation of Chile is attempting to provide free higher education for all its citizens, and the problems that

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