Yes to Yes Yes Books!

By Rory Elliott|November 20, 2018

If you have never heard of Yes Yes books, you are missing out on something magical. Portland’s very own Yes Yes books is a powerhouse of experimental art, fiction and poetry that is breaking the barriers in and outside of

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Feminist Amish Reject Patriarchy, Satire From Juan Lacayo

By Juan Lacayo|March 11, 2018

Feminist Amish Reject Patriarchy   An uncommon sight occurred in the hamlet of Treadwell, PA last month, when a group of three young Amish women were spotted window shopping on the boardwalk of the newly gentrified Lovall District. Passersby noticed

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Wait like Teeth, Short Fiction

By Felix Graham|March 11, 2018

Wait Like Teeth If you can imagine, in a way it’s sort of laughable to think that the worst part of an earthquake could have been its aftershock. How often is it the case, that something terrible enough is followed,

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Riding the Trail of Tears: A Review.

By Bridge Staff|April 10, 2015

Riding the Trail of Tears is a creative and fun to read novel written by PCC faculty member Blake Hausman, and set in the near future. The protagonist, Tallulah Wilson, is a part-Cherokee guide for the people who buy a

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