Space Matter at PCC

By Delia Torres-Enciso|December 4, 2018

This last July, while most of us enjoyed summer break away from PCC, a cohort of 12 students analyzed Sylvania campus to further work on the Space Matters project. Space Matters is a collective effort to understand and interpret the

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PCC Misleads the Public About the Mercury Spill

By Juan Lacayo|November 6, 2017

The Bridge recently reported on an incident that occurred last year at Sylvania’s HT building that PCC representatives described as a “small spill” of a fluid that contained mercury. Former Facilities Management Services (FMS) Maintenance Project Manager Steven Borcherding calls

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Mercury Spill at Sylvania’s HT Building

By Juan Lacayo|October 21, 2017

An isolated room in the Health Technology (HT) building at PCC Sylvania hosted a Mercury spill on May 25, 2016. Staff in the Child Development Center (CDC), which is located in several rooms on the second floor of the Health

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