Underground: A Poem by Isaac Duke

By Pointed Circle|March 3, 2017

God pronounced me dead on the scene He said between these blades of grass and the songs you have to see is a cradle and vascular system and these bones are made out of the rubble of Jacob’s ladder This

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I like you, Junot Diaz.

By Tyler Sullivan|February 14, 2017

By Tyler Sullivan “What now? you asked. And that was my students’ question, too. What now? I answered them as poorly as I answered you, I fear. And so I sit here now in the middle of the night, in

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Pointed Circle Book Release Party

By Samantha Saxby|June 2, 2015

Cameron Johnson and the Editors of the Pointed Circle; Cascade Campus — For the past two terms the editing crew of Professor Wendy Bourgeois’ Writing 246 class have been meeting together to assemble Cascade Campus’ annual literary magazine, the Pointed Circle.

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