Drug-Sniffing K-9 at Cascade on March 1st

By Bridge Staff|February 27, 2016

Hello Cascade, Hillsboro Police Officer and PCC student David Bonn is bringing his K-9 to Cascade next Tuesday, March 1st to present and demonstrate how drug- sniffing dogs work. This is a topic covered in CJA 210 (Arrest, Search &

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Portland Police Bureau offers Ride-Alongs

By Sebastian Kirchoff|January 15, 2016

The call came in: A man spat at a woman in a parking lot in the Hollywood District and was trying to break into her car, and she had called the police. Officer Polete looked over to me, said “Fasten

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Firearms on Campus; Should They Be Permitted?

By Sebastian Kirchoff|November 1, 2015

“The possession of any dangerous weapon or deadly weapon (as defined in ORS 161.015) on college property is prohibited unless possessed by a certified law enforcement or public safety officer, as part of a college activity where such possession has

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Giving Public Safety Guns? Not allowed in Oregon

By Bridge Staff|October 19, 2015

With Portland State University deciding to change its public safety officers into an armed campus police force, and the murders at Umpqua Community College, there has been renewed discussion about the wisdom of arming Public Safety officers at Portland Community

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