The Real Story Behind Pride

By Jason Tyler|June 5, 2018

Pride: it’s almost here. With June fast approaching, it’s time to dig the rainbow regalia, glittery eyeshadows, and festival wear out of our closets and take to the streets for the queerest celebration of the year: the Pride Festival. June

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Trans-Scribed, Supposed Safety in Expected Experience

By River Flora|February 26, 2018

Trans-Scribed Supposed Safety in Expected Experience River Flora Portland is so often touted as a wet-dream, queer paradise, safe-space. The idyllic land of bounty and sex changes. A home for all those disenfranchised transfolx to live off their odd jobs

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"Beyond the Closet – Volume 1" to Debut at SE Clubs Fair

By Anthony Robotham|October 8, 2013

Collaborative efforts bring about a newly issued Journal “Beyond the Closet – Volume 1” This volume is a result of our club (Qspot) wanting to create something to represent the students and staff at PCC Southeast that have come out

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