5 Albums You Missed Over the Summer

By Katie San Roman|October 9, 2018

Denzel Curry – TA13OO 27 July Denzel Curry released an album TA13OO [TABOO] over the summer that could officially retire the “underground rapper” ascribed to him. In a world where it seems like artists are putting projects out every five

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Album Reviews, KYLE / Beach House

By Katie San Roman|June 5, 2018

KYLE, Light of Mine California rapper, KYLE, debuted his album Light of Mine on May 18. You may have heard of him by his stage name, SUPERDUPERKYLE. The fun-loving kid from Ventura is showing how hip-hop has evolved from its

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Stand Tall, If You Hate Hate *** OPINION

By Juan Lacayo|May 22, 2018

Recent years have seen action by marginalized groups taking a stand against injustice, be it: racism, xenophobia, harassment, corruption, etc. Across a multitude of issues, if people feel they are being wronged because of who they are, other groups of

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Feminist Amish Reject Patriarchy, Satire From Juan Lacayo

By Juan Lacayo|March 11, 2018

Feminist Amish Reject Patriarchy   An uncommon sight occurred in the hamlet of Treadwell, PA last month, when a group of three young Amish women were spotted window shopping on the boardwalk of the newly gentrified Lovall District. Passersby noticed

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Wait like Teeth, Short Fiction

By Felix Graham|March 11, 2018

Wait Like Teeth If you can imagine, in a way it’s sort of laughable to think that the worst part of an earthquake could have been its aftershock. How often is it the case, that something terrible enough is followed,

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A Plea to Support Part-Time Teaching Staff, OPINION

By Jake Edgar|February 26, 2018

A Plea to Support Part-Time Teaching Staff Jake Edgar Imagine this: you work at a restaurant that books 3 months in advance, and if they don’t take in enough reservations to justify your employment, you simply don’t have a job,

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Go See Blank Panther

By Dareyion Franklin|February 26, 2018

“Wakanda Forever!” I have to start this off by saying Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) escaped the sunken place and ran straight to Africa. There are several important black superhero movies that preceded Black Panther. 1993 saw Robert Townsend release “The

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Burgerville Workers Union Calls For Boycott of All Stores

By Jake Edgar|February 15, 2018

  Burgerville Workers Union Calls for Boycott of All Stores Jake Edgar  The formation of the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU), in 2016, came as a pleasant surprise to everyone except Burgerville’s upper management team. The demands coming from the union

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The Year Comes to an End.

By Bridge Staff|May 27, 2017

Reflections on The Bridge’s first year back into print. It’s almost over folks, and it’s been one heck of a ride. We wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the changes that have occurred here with The

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ASPCC Member Creates Shocking Display

By Joe Riedl|May 19, 2017

Ben Nzowo’s (pronounced n-zoh-woh)  first experienced racial profiling last year, after coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the U.S. to study. He and his friends, all black, were driving to an ATM in Seattle, when they were pulled

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Goings On @ Rock Creek (and Beyond)

By Carla Macedo Diaz|May 15, 2017

Writing Conference at Rock Creek On Friday May 19th Rock creek will have its first Groundswell Writing Conference where students  will present their original creative and academic writing on a range of topics, including sexuality and gender, nature and the

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No Car. No worries.

By Joe Riedl|May 15, 2017

I took an Environmental Sustainability class a few terms ago. Our main goal was to make a lifestyle change for the sake of the planet. There was one in particular that really surprised me. A guy named Brett wanted to

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The Bridge Goes to Try-Outs!

By Adan Uribe|May 15, 2017

I have been a huge fan of soccer all my life, but I haven’t played since high school. On Saturday, April 29th, I was given the opportunity to participate in the PCC Men’s Soccer tryouts held at the Hillsboro Stadium.

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The Blame Game

By Leah Bell-Johnson|May 1, 2017

In six short years, PCC’s Newberg Center went from being a success story to the center of an epic and expensive debacle. In 2010, PCC began plans for the $7.2 million Newberg Center. A year later the building was opened,

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